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Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu Reveals Key Visual, October Release Date

Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu, the upcoming anime from Arvo Animation studio, begins airing in October 2021. A key visual for the series was also revealed.

Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu key visual

Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu (The Moon, Laika, and the Bloodsucking Princess) is based on a fantasy light novel written by Keisuke Makino and illustrated by Karei. It started publishing in 2016 in Gagaga Bunko, a light novel imprint affiliated with Shogakukan.

Arvo Animation is (Monster Girl Doctor) producing the anime. Akitoshi Yokoyama is directing the anime, while the light novel author Keisuke Makino is doing series composition. Hiromi Kato is in charge of character designs. In addition, Yasunori Mitsuda is composing the music for the Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu anime.

Megumi Hayashibara voices Irina Luminesk, while Kouki Uchiyama plays Lev Lapis. Hina Kino (Anya), Satoshi Hino (Mikhail), Mikako Komatsu (Rosa), M.A.O. (Ludmila), and Kikuko Inoue (Natalia) are also starring in the series.

Irina, Lev, Anya, Mikhail and Rosa (right to left)

Opening and ending themes were also revealed. ALI PROJECT is making a comeback and performing the opening theme “Hi no Tsuki”. Chima will be singing the ending theme “Arifureta Itsuka”.

Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu synopsis

After a brutal world war, 2 world powers, engaged in a fierce development race, set their sights on space. The year is 1960, and a Lieutenant of the Republic in the east, Lev Lapis, is on a secret mission. The plan is to send vampires into space, as an experiment before actual manned flights. Lev volunteered for the mission because he wanted to become an astronaut as a child. But, his duty is to watch the experimental subject, a vampire named Irina. Irina hates humans, who treat her badly as she is a member of the “cursed race”. However, the two share love for space and only want to explore and learn more about it. As the United Kingdom of Arnak draws closer, will they be able to overcome difficulties and fulfill their dreams?

A PV for the anime is also available:

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