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The Duke of Death and His Maid Episode 3: Under the Moonlight

Episode 3 of the rom-com series The Duke of Death and His Maid finally premiered, and the Duke and Alice kept giving us a wholesome romantic experience! Don’t miss out on this lovely relationship and watch the series now. Also, please be aware of spoiler-filled content.

This week’s episode was full of passionate moments with the Duke and Alice! Just imagine the two of them under the moonlight, alone together. A very intimate, romantic experience that always fills our hearts with joy!

A Date Out of Town

The Duke and Alice had a simple contest in billiards, and whoever loses does everything the winner says. Of course, no matter what good skills the Duke has, as long as Alice interrupts his focus, he will surely give in and lose! Because of that, Alice was the winner of the match and she asked the Duke to come with her to town.

The two went to a festival in the town; making it their first date. But due to the Duke’s curse, he had to wear a lot of covering to protect his surroundings from being touched. Meanwhile, Alice was looking very gorgeous just wearing an elegant, black dress with her hair tied down. Unfortunately, the two of them were split together because of the crowd. The Duke ended up being lost along with a young boy looking for his mother. Roaming around the city, the two of them happened to cross by a piano at the plaza.

As you’d guess, the Duke played a melodic harmony while the people tagged along and dance with the beat. What’s more, is that the kid finally found his mother, while Alice finally caught up to the Duke. As nighttime took place, the Duke and Alice climbed up the tower and resonated their feelings for each other. And that, my folks, was a very wholesome romantic scene you wouldn’t want to miss.

A Night with Alice

The Duke received a handwritten letter from Alice saying that if he’s having trouble sleeping, he’s welcome to visit her cottage behind the mansion. Of course, the Duke went along and accepted Alice’s invitation for the night.

She prepared a scented candle and chamomile tea for her Duke – two factors that can assuredly relax anyone. It wasn’t the kind of move the Duke expected from Alice, but her actions greatly helped him relax, and finally, he was able to sleep in peace.

Under the Moonlight, Into the Lake

Lastly, the episode ended with the most intense romantic scene you could’ve ever imagined. The Duke invited Alice to come with him to the lake to witness the shooting stars occurring once every decade. Unfortunately, the Duke’s hat flew off while Alice tried to grabbed it.

The Duke intended to catch her fall but he remembered his curse causing Alice to fall down the lake. And that’s when the most intimate scene takes place as she insisted on having a kiss from the Duke! He hesitated and thought things through – whether should he do as Alice says or not. Whatever happens next; that’s for you to know.

The episode first started with a joyful vibe and slowly built up the romantic tension from the cottage up to the lake. The Duke’s actions were also highly amusing as he was able to resonate with his feelings for Alice. With such a well-organized and detailed pacing of the series, the show will surely get better and better!

You can watch episode 3 of The Duke of Death and His Maid here on Funimation. Once you’re done watching, you could read more features on Anime Corner as well.

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