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Nijisanji JP Announces 5 New Virtual Livers to Debut July 2021

Nijisanji introduces five new Virtual Livers who will debut on Thursday, July 22, 2021. The Livestream will be held on their respective YouTube Channels, not to mention special extras after the stream!

Nijisanji announced the arrival of new debuting members in the Japanese branch Monday, July 19, 2021. Moreover, to commemorate their debut, the official store will be selling acrylic stands, tin badges, and voice packs. Lastly, in August, they will be broadcasting a “special program” on the official Nijisanji YouTube channel.

Nijisanji’s new Virtual Livers to Debut this July 2021

Axia Krone

The pilot of the Mobile Infantry Unit “Thrones”.
I spend the money I earn for the poor and always run out of money.

Lauren Iroas

A young man who belongs to the city security unit. The conspiracy-swirling city doesn’t put him to sleep much.

Leos Vincent

A mad scientist who studies suspicious drugs every day. From his laboratory, you hear explosions on a daily basis.

Oliver Evans

A young man who became a professor at a young age.
Due to his good face, there are a large number of female students in his class. Called a “professor” by students.

Lain Paterson

A good bodyguard. She loves sharks because they once saved her life.

Debut Commemorative Goods

What’s more is that after the new member’s debut, Nijisanji will release various products of said Virtual Livers. The merch will include 5 types of acrylic stands approximately 150mm in height for JPY 1,500 each, tax included. They are also set to release 5 types of can badges for JPY 500 each. Lastly, they will sell 5 types of voice packs for JPY 500 each, which contain self-introductions.

Sales start on July 22 after the debut of each Virtual Liver on the official Nijisanji store.

Debut Special Program Broadcast

Additionally, on Thursday, August 5, 2021. The senior members will be broadcasting a talk variety, where they interview newcomers’ profiles and episodes, giving you a better understanding of the new VTubers. The broadcast will be on the Nijisanji official YouTube channel as well.

What is Nijisanji?

Nijisanji is handled by ANYCOLOR Inc. The group started in Japan back in 2018. Eventually, they expand globally, establishing Indonesia, Korean and English branches. Not only that, they also have VirtuaReal Star and Link members in a network partner system. In summary, Nijisanji has 177 members (As of July 2021) which has a combined reach of over 30 million subscribers.

Which merch are you getting after the debut? Let us know in the comments. Once again, stay tuned to Anime Corner for the latest major updates in the VTuber community.

Sources: Nijisanji press release on PRTimes

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