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Battle in 5 Seconds Episode 2: Yuri Is Not To Be Messed With

During episode 2 of Battle in 5 Seconds, we learn about Yuri’s backstory and how she became part of the game. And boy, the episode does not hide a single detail. However, this just makes fans love her that much more. Not only that, we learn about her power as well.

Yuri and Her Backstory

Born to a mother who wants nothing to do with her, Yuri’s life wasn’t easy by any means. We see that she lives in a run-down apartment and nothing ever goes her way. She even says during this episode, “I’m sick of it.”

Her mother constantly brought in random men all the time. In this episode, one of those men had a daughter too who Yuri took a big sister role to. The girl was brutally abused and it set the tone for Yuri’s resolve in the series.

But much like Akira dying brutally in episode 1, Yuri’s death is also brutal.

Scene moments before Yuri’s death. (Battle in 5 Seconds, Episode 2)

Yuri Learns Her New Power

While her power isn’t as complex as Akira’s, it still fits her personality. The ability to quintuple her physical strength played its part perfectly in this episode.

Her newfound strength was a unique way counter to her opponents’ backstory. Not just his, but her own as well. It gives her the ability to take matters into her own hands, unlike in her past life where everything was determined by “random chance.” This was definitely a nice touch we didn’t really receive with Akira.

While her first 1v1 match-up didn’t last long, it left a strong impact.

Yuri after winning her match. (Battle in 5 Seconds, Episode 2)

Episode Heartfelt Moment

Yes, as dark and brutal as this series has shown us to be, there was a heartfelt moment. Riria lets Yui know that both her father and Yuri’s mom are out of the house. Yuri hears Riria’s stomach growl and decides to make dinner for the both of them.

As Riria chows down, Yuri genuinely smiles for the first time in the series. Despite this scene having extremely dark undertones, it gives Yuri a little bit of happiness and one reason to win the game by any means necessary — to get back to Riria.

Yuri (left) and Riria (right) having dinner together. (Battle in 5 Seconds, Episode 2)

Next Week’s Episode

Well, that does it for the 1v1 battles. Both Akira and Yuri came out with a win. Now both will team up with each other in Round 2! Battle in 5 Seconds episode 2 will air July 26 on Crunchyroll.

So, what did you think of Battle in 5 Seconds episode 2? Is Yuri a Summer 2020 best-girl candidate? If you thought it was worthy of a top-10 spot, then make sure to vote for it in our weekly poll!

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