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Genshin Impact's Ayaka Gets a Character Demo!

As the Genshin Impact player base prepares to arrive on the shores of Inazuma, the hype for a new character banner has lit up sparks of excitement among the game’s community. This excitement will surely only escalate, as a character demo has just released for one of their most anticipated characters! Kamisato Ayaka, in all her grace and glory, will be coming to Genshin Impact’s servers soon!

The character demo can be enjoyed in full on the official Genshin Impact YouTube channel in the link below:

Camellia in Winter Snow

Ayaka sits with reverence at the foot of the Kamisato estate. There, she recites to herself tenets of swordsmanship and combat. She shares that these were the words of her mother, before expressing a desire to spar with the viewer.

“If I may, I would like to spar with you.”

From there, a showcase of Ayaka’s swift and elegant combat prowess commences. She slashes and glides through her opponents with ease, displaying masterful skill while wielding her blade and fan. The daughter of the Kamisato clan is unflinching and remains regal in her disposition all throughout. Ayaka also makes a grand display of her icy Cryo powers. She conjures up snowflake patterns and icy whirlwinds to make quick work of her foes.

Ayaka’s dignified disposition remains unflinching, even in combat!

As she swings the last slash of her sword, a figure gives her a round of applause as he approaches. Her friend, Tohma, applauds her combat skill, commending her form. He, however, recommends that she tone her ferocity back a bit, as to prevent anyone from getting hurt.

Ayaka expresses that she has much to learn in the way of the sword. She then asks Tohma to spar with her in preparation for the arrival of the Traveler. She claims to not know how skilled the Traveler is with the blade, but is nonetheless excited to find out.

The Frostflake Heron is as cool as ice, no matter the situation!

The Frostflake Heron

Kamisato Ayaka has been a character on the minds of Genshin Impact players everywhere since the game’s beta. Since the game’s launch, people have wondered when this elegant character would be playable. People need not wait too much longer, as Ayaka’s banner is to drop tomorrow, on July 21, 2021.

This graceful Cryo sword user looks set to make a splash in-game, being the first “true” Cryo main carry in the game. Ayaka’s banner, The Heron’s Court, will go live on Genshin Impact’s servers shortly after the 2.0 update drops. The best of luck to those of you rolling for this brand-new character!

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