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Übel Blatt Anime Casts Yuya Hirose as Protagonist Köinzell

The Übel Blatt anime has revealed the first cast member, and it’s Yuya Hirose as the protagonist Köinzell. Yuya Hirose is known for recently voicing another protagonist, Yuuki Wakura in Chained Soldier. He comments that the new character with an unfathomable desire for revenge, and you can read the entire comment below.

The character himself is on the first teaser visual for the anime, which was announced back in February.

Übel Blatt – Anime Teaser Visual Featuring Köinzell (CV: Yuya Hirose)

Etoroji Shiono writes and draws the Übel Blatt manga, which has been serialized by Square Enix since 2004. It originally started in their Gangan YG magazine, got transferred to Young Gangan in 2009 and then continued in Monthly Big Gangan from 2011 to 2019. A sequel manga, titled Übel Blatt II: The Knights of the Deceased King has been recently serialized in the Monthly Big Gangan. Manga UP! is publishing the the Übel Blatt manga in English.

The official synopsis for the Übel Blatt anime:
Rumors stir throughout the land: when the wielder of the black sword draws his dark blade, all who stand in its path are torn asunder…! Köinzell, the mysterious young boy who carries the black sword, undeniably wields it with exceptional skill, but can he truly be responsible for the bloody rumors? Pursued by the Traitorous Lances, four powerful warriors who were thought to have been defeated by the Seven Heroes, the strength of the young swordsman will be tested to its limit. At battle’s end, only the shocking truth of Köinzell’s quest will stand above the corpses of his enemies… An epic fantasy on the grandest of scales!

Source: Official website
©Etorouji Shiono/SQUARE ENIX, Ubel Blatt Production Consortium

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