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Ufotable Announces Mahoutsukai no Yoru Movie With a Teaser Trailer

TYPE-MOON’s Mahoutsukai no Yoru is getting a movie adaptation by studio ufotable. A teaser trailer was also revealed.

The visual novel first came out in 2012, with the Witch on the Holy Night as the English subtitle. The story focuses on Aoko Aozaki, whom some may remember as a minor character from the Tsukihime series.

Mahoutsukai no Yoru movie announcement trailer

At the moment, there is no information about the staff or the potential release date. The official website, which is now available, only features the teaser trailer, and so does the official Twitter account. Kinoko Nasu authored the light novel, with Hirokazu Koyama as the artist. Hideyuki Fukasawa did the composition for the visual novel. The artist Koyama also tweeted a special illustration with “Merry Christmas” as a caption:

Mahoutsukai no Yoru is the latest in line when it comes to ufotable and TYPE-MOON collaborations. The studio previously worked on the Fate franchise, as well as The Garden of Sinners movies. It’s interesting to note that Kinoko Nasu wrote the stories for all of these, plus the Tsukihime series, which they are connected to

Source: Ufotable Twitter Account
[©奈須きのこ・TYPE-MOON / アニプレックス・ノーツ・ufotable]

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