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Underrated: 7 Shows Of Spring 2021 You Should Try

We are fast approaching the midpoint of the Spring 2021 season, with some fantastic showings. Vivy’s, Shadow House, and Higehiro have rightfully commanded attention as some of the best. However, we are looking to shine some light on shows you might have missed. Either just outside our weekly top-10 or lower than expected, some high-quality shows might go unnoticed. To rectify that, here are some of Anime Corners’ picks for the most underrated shows of Spring 2021.

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord: Season 2

A cult classic from the Summer 2018 season, Isekai Maou returns for a second season. Following the events of the first season, we have a new challenge for Diablo. The church has been corrupted, and enemies are everywhere. The head priest has fled for safety, and in her time of need stumbles across our favorite Demon Lord. Now to save her, and stop the Church’s conquest, Diablo and company set off to expose the evil within.

This show has never quite been in our top 10 rankings but has quite the following. This season has started fairly strong, so for any fan of Adventure Comedies this show is a must-watch.

Those Snow White Notes

Following his Grandfathers death, Sawamura Setsu’s dropped out of high school, moved to Tokyo, and has been drifting. Doing nothing besides playing his Shamisen, a traditional Japanese musical instrument that looks similar to a guitar. His grandfather was one the best Shaimisen players, and it’s a major link to Setsu and his brother.

Enter his successful and rich mother, Umeko, who is set on putting Setsu straight. She enrolls him back into high school, putting him on the path to rediscover his love with the Shamisen. With beautiful music compositions and an interactive cast, this show has been a gorgeous addition to the Spring 2021 lineup.

I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level

This show is probably the most wholesome thing I’ve seen since Bofuri. Our female main character, Azusa Aizawa, does not meet truck-kun, but instead dies from overwork. Fear not though, our lovely goddess is here to grant her a second chance. Blessing her with immortality, Goddess grants Azusa a second chance to live the easy life she never had in her former world.

However, after 300 years of taking it easy and only killing slimes as needed, she accidentally becomes the strongest character in the world. Now she has to manage to live lazily while becoming a target of the world. This show is cute, funny and contains an overarching message to “live as you see fit”. Wholesome to the core, I’d recommend this for anyone looking for a break from the action.


Wow is this show a mind-bender. Odokawa is a taxi driver who is fairly ordinary, an introvert that has just enough personality to talk with strangers. His only friends are Gouriki, his doctor, and his classmate Kakihana.

But the small talk conversations with customers that shouldn’t mean much, lay the foundation for a mystery. As pieces come together leading to a young girl’s disappearance. A show that has a much deeper theme than expected, Oddtaxi has garnered many fans. Its ranking is rising, and it is quickly becoming a fan favorite of the Spring 2021 season.

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun 2

The human living in the Netherworld survives! Iruma Suzuki was a 14-year old boy sold by his worthless parents to a demon named Sullivan. Luckily the demon only wants to live out his dream of being a grandparent, so Iruma is spoiled rotten by him. Oh and Sullivan also happens to be one of the strongest demons in the netherworld.

After living on earth, forced to work for years, Iruma now gets to live a school life he never had. The only slight problem with this world is that demons eat humans. It means there’s always a slight chance that Iruma will might get killed on the spot. After somehow making it through the school year without dying, Iruma now tries to keep his secret safe with his friends Clara and ‘Azz’. Super underrated, never placing in the top-20 of our weekly polls, this comedy is easily a must-watch in my opinion.

Pretty Boy Detective Club

There is no one way to describe this show. Mayumi Dojima, a second-year student at the exclusive Yubiwa Academy middle school, is dragged into the Pretty Boy Detective Club. This unofficial and chaotic mess of five gorgeous boys sweep Mayumi into their world. A world where they solve all the mysteries and problems of their school.

Did anyone ask for their assistance? Not really. Did they also happen to cause a portion of these problems? Probably! Will these pretty boys be there anyways? Absolutely! Welcome to one of the wilder shows of the Spring 2021 season. This underrated gem is hovering in the 20-30 range in our weekly polls.

Mars Red

Set in 1923, Mars Red is a story of a world where Vampires roam the land. With their numbers growing and Ascra, a blood supplement, showing up mystically, Vampires look to take control. The Japanese government creates “Code Zero,” a spec-ops unit to eliminate the vampiric forces. What separates them is that they have become Vampires themselves.

An interesting story with a diverse cast, this thriller has received some attention. Unfortunately, it has never grown past the top 25 spot in our polls so we are looking to get more thoughts on what is deemed as one of the vastly underrated shows of Spring 2021.

Alright, there are some of the best shows that are currently flying under people’s radars. As always please keep in mind that this is based on different factors such as Anime Corner’s lovely community in the weekly polls, as well as my own viewings.

I’m sure there are plenty of good shows I’ve yet to see, and that our community got to yet. Please let us know what other underrated shows of Spring 2021 you feel are being slept on!

Again if you want to make sure your favorite show isn’t missed out, then make sure to vote in our weekly poll!

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