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Unmasking the High Rise Invasion Anime

Back on February 25, the long-awaited anime adaptation of Tsuina Miura’s High-Rise Invasion (Tenkuu Shinpan) has finally arrived and is on Netflix worldwide, with 12 episodes available in Japanese, English, and Spanish!

Studio Zero-G gives us a mystery-action anime with a refreshing style that takes on a darker theme. The series stars Haruka Shiraishi as Yuri Honjō and Shiki Aoki as Mayuko Nise.

If you’re interested in shows such as Alice in Borderland or Future Diary, you’ll definitely love the energy and plot of the High-Rise Invasion anime.

The story starts with high schooler Yuri Honjo. She wakes up and finds herself on a skyscraper’s rooftop in a familiar but strange world. She looks around seeing nothing but high-rise buildings with bridges that connect one structure to another, and masked killers roaming the floors.

While trying to reconnect with her older brother Rika, Yuri must survive against masked assailants. These assailants are bent on leading their victims to their demise. This is done by stealing their lives, or getting them to end it themselves.

High Rise Invasion anime: What’s the truth behind the mask?

(Spoilers ahead!) Manga fans are certainly thrilled when the anime adaptation is green-lit. It’s safe to say a lot of them were pleased with the outcome. They finally get to see the action-packed fight scenes come to life.

Tenkuu Shinpan portrays a good mixture of dark-theme and goofy-humor that goes well with the personality of the protagonists. We say this because the anime goes off with a great start building the lore, exploring relationships, and establishing a feel on what’s coming up next for the next season.

They got both new and old fans wanting more, as it ends the first arc with an awesome climactic fight scene between the newly-introduced angel masks and a lot of mystery surrounding the first villain we’ve encountered.

One thing’s for sure, this is only the beginning of a bigger wave of enemies. This is a step closer in figuring out the strange world designed to create God.

You can catch the 12-episode anime that’s now streaming on Netflix and tell us what you think of the ending!

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Image from Netflix / ©三浦追儺・大羽隆廣・講談社/天空侵犯製作委員会

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