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Uzaki-chan Season 2 Reveals Episode 8 Preview

The Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out Season 2 TV anime has revealed the preview of episode 8 on the official website of the series. Sakurai called Yanagi (Hana Uzaki’s sister) by her first name and this made his kouhai furious. With Uzaki mad at Sakurai, he tries his best to make her feel better by calling her “Hana”. Catch how this silly quarrel ends on Saturday, November 19.

Uzaki-chan Season 2 Episode 8 – Preview Trailer

Studio ENGI returns to animate the sequel with Kazura Miura as director. Manabu Kurihara is illustrating the character design and Aoshima Takashi is writing the script. Composers Satoshi Igarashi, Morita Yuri Morita, Naoki Tani, and Tatsuya Yano are handling the music. Voice actress Naomi Ozora voices Hana Uzaki and voice actor Kenji Akabane plays the role of Shinichi Sakurai.

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Both seasons of Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! TV anime is adapted from a manga by Take. NicoNico Seiga’s Dra Dra Sharp website started serializing the series in December 2017. Seven Seas Entertainment licensed the manga in English and they describe the plot as:
Sakurai Shinichi’s one wish is for a little peace and quiet. But Uzaki Hana–his boisterous, well-endowed underclassman–has other plans. All she wants is to hang out and poke fun at him. With the help of her chipper charm and peppy persistence, this might just be the start of a beautiful relationship! 

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