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Vermeil in Gold Releases Preview Images for Episode 6

The preview images for episode 6 of Vermeil in Gold anime have been released. Episode 6 will air on August 9, 2022, and we will be able to witness what Vermeil can do if she is out of control. You can check out the images below:

Vermeil in Gold episode 6 preview images

There are 2 more preview images of episode 6 that were uploaded on the anime’s official website. HIDIVE has been streaming Vermeil in Gold anime since July 5, 2022, and it currently has 5 episodes available. Takashi Naoya is directing the series at studio Staple Entertainment. HIDIVE describes the plot as:

Rather than take a more sensible approach to salvaging his grades in time for graduation, Alto summons a bit of otherworldly help. Only after does he learn he’s bound the legendary she-devil Vermeil into service as his familiar!

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Square Enix has been serializing Kouta Amana’s Kinsou no Vermeil: Gakeppuchi Majutsushi wa Saikyou no Yakusai to Maho Sekai o Tsukisusumu (Vermeil in Gold) manga series since 2018. It is being published in Monthly Shonen Gangan with Yoko Umezu as the illustrator, and it currently has 6 volumes in circulation.

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© Kouta Amana, Youko Umezu / SQUARE ENIX, “Vermeil in Gold” Production Committee

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