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Vinland Saga Exhibition Ongoing In Japan

After the Season 1 director hinted towards a possible Season 2 for Vinland Saga, it was nice to see there is also a Vinland Saga exhibition ongoing. To explain, it is currently happening in Tokyo and will last until October 5th. They are exhibiting a lot of the production materials, such as character settings, original drawings, background art, etc. that were actually used in the TV anime. It was stated on the official website of Wit Studio, who handled the production of the first season. Additionally, there are also goods for sale in relation to the show. You can check out an image from the website:

An image for the exhibition, via Wit Studio Website

On their official Twitter account, Wit Studio also shared some images from the scene:

About the teased Season 2. In case you’re too lazy to click on the link above (here again), the director from Season 1 posted an image on his Twitter.

There are Norse runes under all 3 of his signatures (on each individual character art). They read “sea” + “son” + “two”, which seems like a pretty clear hint. He even said there was an easter egg in the post.. Hope it gets announced soon *fingers crossed*

Huge thanks to Mipon for the news tip about the exhibition! Follow them for more interesting posts about anime tourism in Japan!

[Source: Wit Studio Twitter and Website, Shūhei Yabuta Twitter]

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