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VTubers Coco and Haato Suspended for 3 Weeks

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The Virtual Entertainment Company, Cover Co., Ltd., recently announced that their Vtubers Coco and Haato will be suspended for 3 weeks due to inappropriate behavior. Vtubers Coco and Haato also tweeted on their official Twitter accounts regarding their suspension.

Vtubers Coco and Haato
Vtubers Coco and Haato

Cover Co., Ltd., is a virtual entertainment company which manages virtual Youtubers and was established last 13 June 2016. Compared to other streamers and Youtubers, virtual Youtubers make use of an animated, virtual avatar instead of revealing their personal appearances. One of the most popular VTubers is Kizuna Ai with over 2.5 million subscribers in YouTube!

Cover Co., Ltd.
Cover Co., Ltd.

Official Statement of Cover Co., Ltd.

Official Statement of Cover Co., Ltd.
Official Statement of Cover Co., Ltd.

English Translation of Cover Co., Ltd.’s Statement

Against the company’s compliance and in breach of contract. They revealed statistics that were kept hidden to the public. They lacked of thought about nationalism, toward those who live in a certain area. The company also took the situation seriously, their lack of awareness of their position and influence and their irresponsible behaviors.

Official Statement of Kiryu Coco

English Translation of Kiryu Coco’s Statement

As announced from the officials, there was a lack of consideration in the distribution. I’m sorry. We will take this situation properly and strive to raise awareness as a distributor. When I come back, I would like to deliver it so that everyone can support me again.

Official Statement of Akai Haato

English Translation of Akai Haato’s Statement

As stated in the announcement, I was dismissed by the company. From now on, activities such as YouTube will be completely suspended for 3 weeks. I regret the inconvenience caused to you by my carelessness. From now on, be careful not to make inadvertent remarks. Thank you for your support. I will definitely come back, so please wait.

Source: Cover Co., Ltd. Official Website, Akai Haato Official Twitter Profile, Kiryu Coco Official Twitter Profile

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