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Violet Evergarden Movie Revenue Exceeds 1.7 Billion Yen

As reported by Mantan Web, the Violet Evergarden movie revenue is 1.7 billion yen after premiering on September 18 of this year. Titled “Violet Evergarden: The Movie”, it has sold 1.2 million admission tickets and its revenue roughly equals $16.1 million USD. Although it’s not as trending as Demon Slayer, this number is still huge. It’s also the the first new anime film (not compilation movies) to be converted to the HDR Dolby Vision. The film will be re-released at seven Dolby Cinema locations in Japan starting on November 13. The visual for the movie:

The TV Anime premiered in 2018, and the movie is yet to receive an international release. Kyoto Animation animated both, and you can also watch the trailer for the movie on their official YouTube channel:

They even released the first 10 minutes of the movie (no subtitles though):

“Violet Evergarden The Movie” ranked second in its opening weekend. The revenue was around $12 million USD 24 days after the premiere. It’s nice to see that it’s still selling well, and I’m excited to see it (when it inevitably gets an international release!).

Source: Mantan Web, Kyoto Animation YouTube Channel, Official Violet Evergarden Website

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