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Monogatari Series Could Be Getting A New Anime

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The official Twitter for the Monogatari author, Nisio Isin Anime Adaptations. Has tweeted a link of a date for a special announcement. The date written is November 13, 2020.

Click Here for the official Tweet

And the fans of Nisio Isin can’t help but think, that this will be the announcement for the new Monogatari Anime. Of course, it is not yet confirmed to what is it, but, fans are now speculating. On the recent tweets of the Twitter account, they have started posting about the Nisemonogatari rebroadcast.

The official Twitter hasn’t Tweeted for a while and on October 7, they officially tweeted again, and it was about the rebroadcast of Nisemonogatari, the second entry on Nisio Isin’s Monogatari Series (Anime Released). So as a fan of the series, I am part of the fans that are hoping that this will be a Monogatari Adaptation. But the Monogatari New Anime is not yet confirm. There is still a lot of great and fantastic Nisio Isin’s Novel that hasn’t been animated yet! We will see on November 13.

Monogatari Series New Volumes

The series has currently 8 more volumes, yes! 8 more, including, the latest one that just got released! Ougimonogatari. While the amazing manga adaptation of Bakemonogatari by Oh! Great is selling well in Japan.

Source: Nisio Isin Anime Twitter

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