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Vivi's Adventure From One Piece by Nisekoi Author Naoshi Komi One-Shot Released

As previously announced, Shonen Jump released a special One Piece chapter for Vivy’s Adventure covered by the author of Nisekoi, Komi Naoshi. The special one-shot is titled the same as the original chapter 216 (Vivy’s Adventure), and expands on it in Naoshi-sensei’s beautiful art style. The opening color page is pretty as well, and you can check it below:

The chapter has 49 pages, and it covers the part of the story when the Straw Hats are about leave Alabasta, with Vivy on the verge of joining them. It features the “Black Cage” Hina from the Marines, as well as Jango and Fullbody. Besides them, we also get to see Mr 2. Bon Clay, which felt really nostalgic. In addition, the chapter ends in one of the more iconic One Piece moments. It’s when Vivi tells them she won’t go with them, and then the Straw Hats, Vivy and Karoo all raise their hands to symbolize their friendship. You can also check out the special illustration by Naoshi Komi which was released last week:


Where to read the One Piece chapter by Nisekoi author

The Vivi’s Adventure by Naoshi Komi chapter is available for free on VIZ’s website. In addition, you can read it the Shonen Jump mobile app or also for free on MANGA Plus. I really enjoyed it and would certainly recommend to any One Piece fan who wants to see the manga drawn in a different way, and even more so if you also like Nisekoi and Naoshi Komi’s style.

Source: VIZ, One Piece Website, Shonen Jump Twitter
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