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VIZ Media Opens One-Shot Manga Submissions For Aspiring U.S. Writers and Manga Creators

VIZ Media has announced that it is \now accepting submissions for one-shot manga series from aspiring U.S. writers and manga creators. As a part of their VIZ Originals line, VIZ Media will start producing original one-shot manga pieces from different genres like horror, comedy, action, and romance. Aspiring writers and manga creators can now submit their original works and ideas through their submission portal, which can be found at VIZ Media’s official website.

Those chosen will have the chance to work alongside Hisashi Sasaki, a former Editor-in-Chief of the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine. VIZ Media will also provide other benefits if the one-shot manga is successful, such as licensing and establishing an IP as an existing series, producing merchandise and goods, and making their series into an anime. Please go to VIZ Media’s official website for more information and submission guidelines.

Hisashi Sasaki was the Editor-in-Chief for the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine when the most iconic and popular creators and their manga series were serialized, such as One PieceBleach, and Naruto. With Sasaki in charge of guiding the process, VIZ Media became the only publisher to provide the experience needed for writers and manga creators in the U.S. to become a mangaka.

The one-shot model used to publish manga series is a common and popular model used in Japan. The one-shot model is famous for having a successful track record in debuting manga creators. It often runs between 15-60 pages and is published for an existing audience. Depending on how well-received it is from the audience, the manga can have its own serialization. There are already many popular series that started as a one-shot manga, such as Jujutsu Kaisen, Dragon Ball, and Bleach, to name a few.

VIZ Originals was launched on 2020 with the goal to publish new and existing works of experienced and new authors. VIZ Originals publishes graphic novels that are inspired by Japanese manga and manga adaptations of famous pop culture series. They have already published a couple of famous works like the manga adaptation of Rainbow Rowell’s award-winning novel Fangirl and Ren and Bikkuri’s Devil Candy, which also got a serialization in Japan.

Based in San Francisco, California, VIZ Media is the number one destination for anime and manga in America. They were once a localization company, localizing and publishing famous works such as Naruto, Bleach, Inuyasha, and Death Note. Now, VIZ Media is a publisher and producer of manga, anime, and a leader of the Japanese pop culture phenomenon.

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