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Voice Actor Irino Miyu Announces Marriage

Japanese Voice Actor Irino Miyu announced his marriage through his agency, Junction. The official website updated with an article “Irino Miyu Announcement”. Here is the statement on the marriage:

Dear everyone who have supporting me

My apologies for this personal matter during tough times, however, allow me to announce that I have gotten married.

Henceforth, keeping curiosity and aspiration as the engine that drives me, I will wholeheartedly aim higher as an actor, as a voice actor, and as an artist.
I’d like to hope for your continued support hereafter.

Irino Miyu

His fans also posted congratulatory messages for his marriage on Twitter, and it started trending with “入野くん結婚 (lit: Irino-kun’s Marriage)”.

Irino-kun Kekkon (lit: Irino-kun’s Marriage) Trending on Twitter

Irino Miyu

Irino Miyu is a Japanese voice actor, who voiced Matsuno Todomatsu (Osomatsu-san) and Sugawara Koushi Sugawara (Haikyuu!!), among others. Also, in the upcoming fall 2021, he will play the role of protagonist, Kakehashi Mirai, in Platinum End. You can see more prominent roles he has had in his career below:

Anime Corner’s Happy Birthday Post for Irino Miyu, February 19

We at Anime Corner congratulate Irino Miyu on his marriage and wish him all the best!

Source: Official Website

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