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Voice Actress Ai Nonaka completes COVID-19 recovery

Well known voice actress, Ai Nonaka, has made a full recovery according to talent management agency, Aoni Production. She tested positive for the new coronavirus on December 15, 2020. This came after taking a precautionary test before the scheduled event on December 14th. She had previously begun to feel fatigued on the 15th.

Currently though according to the official Aoni talent website, she has made a full recovery and is “completely relieved”. She also plans to slowly return to work while taking care of her health. Aoni talent states they will continue to work on minimizing infection spread and focusing on the health of the staff moving forward.

The Voice Actress Ai Nonaka is known for her roles in anime and video games. Some of them are Maya Kihara from Toradora!; Tukari Sakaguri from Another, Fuko Ibuki from Clannad, and Honoka of the Dead or Alive series.

We want to thank Aoni for their work and congratulate Ai Nonaka on finishing her recovery. Hopefully, she continues to have no further issues and remains in good health. We can’t wait for new roles that she may play in the future!

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Images taken from Aoni Produciton

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