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Somali And The Forest Spirit Manga Cancelled

After a year-long hiatus, it was decided that Yako Gureishi’s “Somali and the Forest Spirit” manga series be cancelled. The reason is the author’s bad health, which hasn’t improved since it first went on hiatus. Rather than prolonging it, Comic Zenon and Gureishi-sensei decided to cancel the work altogether. They posted the announcement with an image of the cover of Volume 6, as seen below:

In the note, the editorial department thanked everyone for reading the work. They apologized for making the fans wait for update for so long. However, due to the author’s continuingly bad condition, it became too difficult to continue. There were several discussions with the author before deciding to cancel. In the end, they also apologized for the cancellation notice.

The manga ran online from April 2015 to October 2019 in Tokuma Shoten’s online manga magazine Web Comic Zenon. Its anime adaptation aired in January of 2020, and Somali marked Winter as one of the most adorable characters.

The synopsis of the story goes:

In a world where the ruined human species has been driven almost to extinction by the monsters that now dominate the land, a forest golem is surprised to find a human child sitting alone in the woods – dirty, barefoot, and in chains. The golem takes little Somali under his protection and the two begin a journey together, traveling through beautiful and dangerous lands where the small girl’s humanity must be kept hidden for her own safety. The golem hopes to find Somali’s parents alive somewhere, but the chances of this are slim; and besides, as far as Somali is concerned, she has already found herself a beloved father.

The anime was great, and many fans were hoping for a sequel and a potential happy conclusion. Although it’s sad that “Somali and the Forest Spirit” got cancelled, the author’s health is more important! Wishing Gureishi-sensei a full recovery!

Source: Comic Zenon
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