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Voice Actress Marika Kono Restricts Her Activities Due To Health Issues

Marika Kono will limit her activities as a seiyuu due to health issues, her agency, Aoni Production confirmed. In a statement shared on their website, the agency revealed that Kono has been diagnosed with adjustment disorder and that they would be prioritizing her recovery and treatment, resulting in a limitation of her activities.

Aoni Production have apologized for any concern and inconveniences that may have been caused by this and thanked fans and others involved for their understanding of the situation. Marika Kono, who is best known for voicing Yumina Urnea Belfast from the series In Another World with my Smartphone also added “Since mid-October, I have been in poor physical health, and I have caused a great deal of inconvenience and concern to all the people involved and the fans who support me.

In addition to Yumina, Marika is also known for voicing Silence Suzuka from the popular Idol anime Uma Musume: Pretty Derby. She is currently voicing Karin Istel from Love Flops, and has been announced as the voice of Mahiro Oyama for the upcoming adaptation of Oniichan wa Oshimai!, which will begin airing in Winter 2023.

Mayo Clinic summarises the disorder as: ” Adjustment disorders are stress-related conditions. You experience more stress than would normally be expected in response to a stressful or unexpected event, and the stress causes significant problems in your relationships, at work or at school. Work problems, going away to school, an illness, death of a close family member or any number of life changes can cause stress. Most of the time, people adjust to such changes within a few months. But if you have an adjustment disorder, you continue to have emotional or behavioral reactions that can contribute to feeling anxious or depressed.

According to the organization, stress is the main factor behind this disorder and is a common diagnosis for both men and women.

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