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Voice Actress Risa Kubota Retires From Voice Acting

Voice actress Risa Kubota, known for voicing Rosetta in Lapis Re:LiGHTs and Roko Sekino in Dropout Idol Fruit Tart, shared a handwritten letter on her official Twitter on Monday, announcing her retirement from voice acting and the industry in general.

In the letter, Risa expressed that she had the privilege of experiencing numerous opportunities as a voice actor throughout her career. She sincerely thanked her devoted fans who stood by her side, supporting and cheering for her at every turn. The warm and encouraging messages from her fans were also a source of inspiration for the voice actress, motivating her to give her best in every performance. The time spent in her voice acting career will hold a special place in Risa’s heart, as she will consider these moments as cherished treasures in her life. Additionally, she shares her heartfelt wishes for the future of everyone she had the pleasure of meeting during her voice acting career.

Mausu Promotion, the talent agency of Risa Kubota, also released a statement confirming her departure from the agency on July 31. They expressed their deep appreciation for Risa’s contribution and thanked her for the work she did during her time with the company.

Risa Kubota joined Mausu Promotion in 2017 and landed her first main role as Ren in Konohana Kitan in the same year. The following year, she was cast as Rosetta in the multimedia project Lapis Re:Lights. In 2020, she reprised the aforementioned role in the anime adaptation of the project and voiced two other main roles, namely Roko Sekino in Dropout Idol Fruit Tart and Iu Shindo in I’m Standing on a Million Lives. She also performed the opening and ending theme songs for the latter series together with her fellow cast members. Some of her other roles include Carla in By the Grace of the Gods, Kokoro Momoi in Aikatsu on Parade!, and Izabine in If It’s for My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord.

Source: Risa Kubota Official Twitter, Mausu Promotion Website
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