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Voltes V Legacy Live-Action Adaptation Gets Five-Minute Trailer Ahead of 2023 Premiere

Voltes V: Legacy, the upcoming Filipino live adaptation of the Voltes V series, has released a five-minute trailer ahead of its premiere in the second quarter of this year. GMA Entertainment Group is producing the series, under the direction of Mark Reyes. The series is listed with 80 episodes.

Voltes V: Legacy – Mega Trailer

The live-action adaptation of the popular Voltes V franchise sought supervision and approval from Toei Company, who produced the anime series in the late 1970s and according to the creators, this process took years. GMA Entertainment also sought production assistance from Riot Inc. for the series’ post-production and special effects.

It should be recalled that Toei Company’s Shinichiro Shirakura wrote a letter to the Voltes V: Legacy production team, praising the live-action adaptation production. Despite work on it halting in 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions, principal photography for the series resumed in May 2021.

Production may be tough under this COVID situation, but this time we wanted to inform you that we were so excited to see the latest promo-reel of the show. We could feel your respect [for the] original series, and we also thank you for your effort, enthusiasm and hard work under this COVID situation. Please all take care of yourselves, and we shall continue to look forward to the completion of the show.

Statement from Shin-ichiro Shirakura, director of planning and production at Toei Company.

It was also previously reported in 2021 that Reyes has been also holding the project for over eight years, going back and forth with Toei Company for approval. Approval for the license was then done via Telesuccess Productions, Toei’s Philippine licensee.

Key staff in the Voltes V: Legacy live-action series include Noel Layon Flores as the lead visual designer, and Suzette Doctolero as one of the series’ writers.

Voltes V: Legacy live-action series is based on the Chodenji Machine Voltes V anime, produced by Toei Company and animated by Sunrise. The original series is the second installment of the Robot Romance Trilogy, which also includes Chodenji Robo Combattler V and Tosho Daimos. It aired on TV Asahi from June 4, 1977, to March 25, 1978.  Tadao Nagahama directed the series, while Yoshiyuki Tomino oversaw the production.

“The merciless invaders of the Boazan Empire have set their sights on Earth. But their coming was foreseen: Many years ago, Dr. Goh and his allies began constructing a giant robot to battle the coming threat. Dr. Goh went missing soon after, but his team chose five elite youngsters to pilot the mighty Voltes V… including his own three sons!”Synopsis of the series, via Crunchyroll

Synopsis of the series, via Crunchyroll

Source: GMA Network, Official YouTube Channel
©GMA Network / ©TOEI Co. Ltd. Telesuccess

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