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Wandering Witch Author Says Elaina Will Likely Never Get A Romantic Interest

Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina has been one of the most interesting anime series this season, and the romantic interest question is further below. The show ranked 1st multiple times on our weekly polls, even ranking 1st in Weeks 1, 3, 8 and 9! It also got trending a few times, mostly due to the dark turns in the story. Our friends from Mipon interviewed the author Jougi Shiraishi, and we also participated with some of the questions! One of the questions involved international fans and rankings. To be more precise, they asked him what made his show uniquely interesting and appealing to fans.

I’d say one of the most interesting aspects of the series is the depth and range of Elaina’s personality.

He also said that he isn’t involved much in the anime production, adding that the staff is all professionals who know what they’re doing. He does give a comments on specific topics though. In addition, he said he noticed that many fans are talking about his comment to staff not to show any panties/undergarments. He clarified that with: “my belief that I’d like things to look and feel as natural as possible.

The most interesting part for me was the question if Elaina will ever find a romantic interest in Wandering Witch. His full answer:

Personally, I don’t plan on introducing a romantic interest for Elaina. For one, I feel it would be difficult for me to write from the perspective of a female character in love. 
Regardless, I never wanted to take the story in that direction, because I feel that a romantic element isn’t really necessary for Wandering Witch.
So there probably won’t ever be a romantic interest for Elaina

Huge thanks to Mipon for letting us participate in the interview for Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina! Make sure to also check out the full article directly on their website and support them! They focus on content directly from Japan, and have multiple in-depth articles about a wide range of topics. They’re also the perfect spot if you’d like to read about anime tourism! (Real life locations, anime restaurants, events, etc.)

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