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“Wandering Witch” Creator Explains Why He Wanted ‘No Underwear’ In Anime Adaptation

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“WANDERING WITCH: The Journey of Elaina” creator Jougi Shiraishi in an interview with Mipon explained further the reason why he requested the production in charge of its anime adaptation not to show underwear, as cited in his interview with WebNewtype last October.

Shiraishi was asked if there is a specific reason why he gave that instruction to the staff, which also amused overseas fans as well.

“I also noticed the comment caused quite a reaction. I had given the idea some thought before speaking with the staff, and it really just comes down to my belief that I’d like things to look and feel as natural as possible.”

© JougiShiraishi-SB Creative Corp./The Journey of Elaina Partners

Shiraishi is concerned that fanservice has gone to a point that applying it will limit the audience who will be able to watch the adaptation down to the male majority.

In many anime that opt to show undergarments, they tend to be a sexual thing. Like panty flashes, and such. It seems like there are a lot of series that do that. But I feel that if you make the decision to include things like that, you inevitably end up limiting your audience, often to a subset of the male demographic.”

The light novel author made a point that he wanted his creation to be seen by all ages.

“With more popular, mainstream works that are viewed by all kinds of people, regardless of age or gender demographics, it’s just natural not to show off panties and such. Personally, from the beginning, I had always aimed Wandering Witch at a very broad audience as opposed to focusing on a certain group of viewers.”

He also said that Elaina will not likely get a romantic interest, as he feels that “a romantic element isn’t really necessary for Wandering Witch.”

“Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina” enjoys good reception among Anime Corner readers, with a 2.80% gain in vote percentage to raise it to the top spot of last week’s anime polls at 11.13%.

Thanks to Mipon for letting Anime Corner participate in the interview. All images used in this post were approved by KADOKAWA.
© JougiShiraishi-SB Creative Corp./The Journey of Elaina Partners

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