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Watari Tori to Katatsumuri Manga Continues After 3 Years, Announces Anime

Makoto Takatsu’s Watari Tori to Katatsumuri (Migratory Birds & Snail) manga is returning from hiatus after almost three years and it coming back big time with an anime adaptation that is in the works. The manga went on hiatus after the release of the third volume in 2021. The new chapter (19th) is now out.

The manga was initially serialized in the Wani Books’ Comic Gum web magazine from 2019 to 2021. It will be returning in Wani Books’ News Crunch online magazine. The volumes were published under the Crunch Comics imprint.

The plot follows Unpei*, a young man who works at a machine parts wholesaler, and Nagisa Tsugumi, a picture book writer who meets him by chance. Unpei, who was driving his car after failing at work and wanting to go somewhere far away, suddenly stops at a roadside station and is approached by Tsugumi, a beautiful girl of unknown age traveling with her pet dog. The car where she uses is like a secret base…

Takatsu issued a statement:
The migratory birds and snails began their journey in the summer of 2019.
While visiting roadside stations and car camping spots around the country for interviews, I found myself wondering where Tsugumi, Unpei, and Umemayo were traveling in my daily life. I am excited to see
them sleeping in their cars in the crimson-hued dusk or the forest at dawn, where the breathing of the trees drifts like a cloud.

An announcement illustration for the Watari Tori to Katatsumuri anime is now available:

Source: Official Twitter/X, Official Website
© Makoto Takatsu, Wani Books
* Name romaji not confirmed

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