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What A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) is?

A3!, a multimedia project about boys who work hard to bloom into stage actors. There is an anime, game, lives, and a webcomic under this project.

This series is about 24 (20 in beginning) boys who strive to become stage actors. In this group, they include middle school boys all the way to working adults. Although some of them do have different reasons for joining, such as just wanting a place to live for free or because they are genuinely interested in theater.

The boys are split into 4 different troupes: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Together, they strive to restore their theater company, Mankai Company’s, former glory.

A3! game title screen featuring the troupe leaders and the first play co-leads


A3! first started out as a game, where all the main action happened in the main and side stories. Each chapter follows a troupe as they face the struggles of putting on a play that they will be proud of. However, as they practice, conflicts arise, whether it is external or internal, and the boys have to work together to solve them. Although the gameplay is not as exciting as other games, the story really draws the audience into A3!


A3! Autumn and Winter is currently airing as part of the Fall 2020 anime lineup. The previous season, A3! Spring and Summer, aired as the Spring 2020 anime lineup. The anime follows the in-game main story as the director of Mankai Company works to form the new Mankai troupes, starting with Spring and ending with the Winter Troupe. It’s pretty much the main story Act 1, but in anime form. But it is still unique nonetheless, with the addition of amazing insert, opening, and ending songs.


In addition to having a game and anime, there are also lives! The lives feature the voice actors for the boys singing their songs. Each play has its own theme songs, such as Spring Troupe’s first play Romeo and Julius has a theme song called “Bokura no Kizuna”. In addition, each troupe also has its own group songs. There are also solo songs for each character! They are very exciting, with the setlist changing throughout their concerts.


A3! also has a webcomic titled “MANKAI☆Manga Sengen”, a play on words with the theme “MANKAI☆Kaika Sengen”. The webcomic shows the lives of the boys that aren’t shown in the anime or the game. It includes learning about the boy’s day to day life to watching them poke fun at each other. “MANKAI☆Manga Sengen” is a very lighthearted comic that allows the audience to get a closer glimpse at life at the Mankai dorm and to get to know the boys better.

All in all, the A3! project is about theater acting and life as a theater actor, in addition to showing the audience the work that goes into each play that is put on. There are also very talented voice actors behind each character, giving the emotions of the characters through their voices. The story about the boys makes it all worth it. There are lots of twists and turns that happen in order for the boys to achieve success, and we, the audience, get to watch it all unfold.

Source: A3! Official Website

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