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What is Idolish7 About?

IDOLiSH7, shortened to I7, is a multimedia project with anime, lives, and games under its name. This project follows four groups of boys who strive to become idols as influential as the previous super idol, ZERO.

The four groups are Idolish7, TRIGGER, Re:Vale, and ZOOL. All four groups are competitors, as the all come from different agencies. The story follows the groups as they clash heads against each other, in addition to showing the inner conflicts that happen in each group.

Idolish7 visual from the anime


The second season of the anime, IDOLiSH7: Second Beat! is currently airing. It first released in April as a Spring 2020 anime, however, it went on hiatus and started airing again in October. The first season, IDOLiSH7, released in January 2018. The first season followed Idolish7, a newly formed idol group. Many ups and downs happened as they navigate the unknown entertainment industry.

The second season follows I7 after their competition with TRIGGER. Now, they meet the popular group Re:Vale, who has taken interest in them. As they become more popular, naturally, they will get more work. However, I7’s center, Riku Nanase’s health starts deteriorating as a result. What will happen now? Watch to find out *wink wink*!


In total, there were two lives that have happened so far. I’m sure there will be more in the future (I hope). Their lives feature the character voice actors singing their group/solo/subunit songs. It’s very high energy and exciting!


There is a game for IDOLiSH7 too! It’s available on both IOS and Android. It’s a rhythm-gacha game where players play as I7’s manager (Tsumugi Takanashi but players can change her name). There is a main story that is mostly what the anime is based on. At the same time, players can play the four group’s songs as well as pull character cards from the four groups. It’s like a lot of rhythm games except there are only four lanes, which should be relatively easier since it’s two lanes per side.

IDOLiSH7 is a very interesting project. Each group has a different number of members (I7 with 7, TRIGGER with 3, Re:Vale with 2 and ZOOL with 4). The “sounds” are also different between groups, I really like that about them. The characters also have unique traits that make them special!

Source: IDOLiSH7 Official Website

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