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Who Is Yuji Itadori, Really? The Itadori Family Tree Explained!

With the release of Chapter 257 of Jujutsu Kaisen, some of the biggest and longest-standing questions in Jujutsu Kaisen have finally been answered. What relation does Yuji Itadori bear to the main antagonist of the series, and not only who is he, but what is he, and what implications does that have on the story going forward?

Strap yourself in as we can analyze our favorite pink-haired sorcerer and answer the question: Who Is Yuji Itadori, Really? And beware, this article has spoilers for Chapter 257 and most of Jujutsu Kaisen itself.

Yuji Itadori’s Family Tree: Death Paintings

In the first episode (and first chapter) of Jujutsu Kaisen, we learn that Yuji was raised by his now-dying grandfather, Wasuke Itadori. Shortly before Wasuke Itadori passes away, he makes a vague mention about Yuji’s parents, only to die without saying anything meaningful. From Yuji’s perspective, he never brings up his family again, although it’s established early that he had quite the reputation at his middle school for his abnormal physical strength, something which caused many to speculate about his lineage.

In Chapter 143 of the manga, we see Itadori’s parents for the first time: Jin Itadori, his father, and Kaori Itadori, his mother. Kaori has something very telling about her—a line of stitches running across her forehead, in the same exact pattern we see on Suguru Geto during the Shibuya Incident.

This means that Kaori was possessed by Kenjaku, the notoriously evil Jujutsu sorcerer who dedicated his life to the study of Cursed Energy and Cursed Objects. Notably, he conducted horrific experiments while possessing the body of the Meiji-era sorcerer Noritoshi Kamo, including the impregnation of an innocent woman and forcing her to abort her fetuses—these would become the numbered Cursed Womb: Death Paintings. The first three of these were Special Grade curses whom manifested as Eso, Kechizu, and Choso.

During the events of the Shibuya Incident, Choso engages Yuji in battle, attempting to avenge his fallen brothers whom Yuji and Nobara exorcized during the events of Yasohachi Bridge. The battle is almost entirely one-sided, with Choso using Blood Manipulation—a Kamo technique he inherited from Noritoshi Kamo’s body—to deal fatal damage to Yuji. As Yuji dies (before being resurrected by Sukuna), Choso suffers a familiar sense of dread—the same emotion he felt when Eso and Kechizu were killed. He explains in Chapter 153 that an effect of his cursed technique is sensing the transformation of his younger brothers no matter how far away they are. For living things, death is a transformation, which is why he is able to feel the sensation of his brothers’ deaths, and he sensed Yuji’s impending one. This confirms that Yuji is Choso’s brother in some regard.

From then on, Choso refers to Yuji as his brother, and the series largely ignores the implications. Was Yuji Itadori one of the Cursed Womb: Death Paintings? Did Choso make a mistake? Enter today’s groundbreaking Chapter 257.

Yuji Itadori: Sandevistan Not Included

Ever since Yuji Itadori met Satoru Gojo, it’s been obvious that his body is unique. Firstly, he can safely house the Cursed Spirit, Sukuna, one of the most feared sorcerers of the Heian era; and secondly, he can consume Cursed Objects called ‘Fingers of Sukuna’ that allow him to become closer to serving as a vessel for Sukuna in his entirety.

During the rather long-winded battle between the Jujutsu sorcerers and Sukuna, we’ve witnessed the might of Sukuna and his powerful abilities—particularly his Cursed Technique, ‘Shrine’, which comes with ‘Cleave’ and ‘Dismantle’, two techniques used to slice through solid matter. Even Satoru Gojo, the supposed strongest sorcerer of the modern era, fell to Sukuna’s might.

How, then, has Yuji survived this battle for so long? Is he secretly Goku reborn? Does he possess more plot armor than Jin-woo Sung? For the past several chapters, the online fandom has called Gege Akutami out for poor writing, with the TikTok community rallying around the topic ‘Lobotomy Kaisen‘, criticizing the mangaka for drawn-out pacing and the oft-unbelievable nature of the fight.

Now, with Chapter 257, we know why Yuji Itadori is (in the words of one David Martinez) “built different”.

Twinning is Winning

In the opening of Chapter 257, we’re treated to a flashback of Sukuna (still in Megumi’s stolen body) talking with Uraume about his origins. Sukuna announces that he was actually a twin. In order to prevent himself from starving in the womb, Sukuna ate his twin and absorbed his body. This provides a logical explanation for why Sukuna’s true manifestation comes with four arms and four eyes (and neatly ties into the mythological Sukuna from Japanese legend).

Sukuna goes on to explain that his brother’s soul “drifted” for some time, going through various cycles of life and death, before being found and “mated” with by none other than our old buddy, Kenjaku. That’s right, Yuji’s father, Jin Itadori, was Sukuna’s brother reborn. It seems highly likely that Kenjaku was aware of this, and deliberately allowed his female form (Kaori Itadori) to become impregnated, thus giving birth to the ‘vessel’ of Yuji Itadori.

Yuji Itadori is not only Sukuna’s equal, but perhaps even his better. With the descendant blood of Sukuna from his father, and the unnatural conditions of his birth from Kenjaku, Yuji is uniquely positioned to defeat Sukuna and save the Jujutsu world once and for all.

What About Choso?

This revelation about Yuji’s heritage also answers the question: How can Yuji use Blood Manipulation?

Cursed Techniques are passed down through bloodlines, so it’s time for a quick check of Choso’s heritage! The third-year Kyoto High student, Noritoshi Kamo, uses Blood Manipulation as well, confirming that this particular technique has been passed down the Kamo bloodline. The Meiji-era Noritoshi Kamo is Choso’s father via the Cursed Womb: Death Paintings, and he passed his technique down to both the experimental fetuses and his natural-born children.

Sometime before the Shinjuku Showdown, Yuji ate the six remaining Cursed Womb: Death Paintings, granting him his newfound Blood Manipulation powers. Way back in Chapter 244, we learn that Kyoto High’s Noritoshi helped teach Yuji how to use Blood Manipulation as Choso was—in Yuji’s words—a “poor teacher.” Good to know that Noritoshi is trying to clean up his name!

Where To From Here?

The battle against Sukuna is still undecided, and readers have a lot more questions than answers! Considering how many twists and turns we’ve had so far, there could be even more unexpected developments to come—particularly around Kenjaku’s true goals in creating Yuji Itadori.

We look forward to this new phase of the showdown between Yuji and Sukuna!

© Gege Akutami/Shueisha/JUJUTSU KAISEN Project

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