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Why should you watch Mushoku Tensei?

Aside from having its own anime adaptation, Mushoku Tensei will have its own smartphone game to be announced this year.

Everyone’s talking about this series as its latest arc is now broadcast and streamed online. Why you should watch Mushoku Tensei?

“If you ever get a second chance in life for something, you’ve got to go all the way.” – Lance Armstrong

An author by the name Rifujin na Magonote published a story in Syosetsuka Ni Naro, titled Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation in November 2012. It is released under Media Factory’s MF Books, illustrated by Shirotaka, around a year later.

What’s the story of Mushoku Tensei?

Our lead is a 34-year-old man living as a NEET, spending his days surfing the internet, isolating himself from the outside world, living the life of a shut-in. He gets evicted from his home, and contemplates the meaningless life he has lived after the death of his parents.

While he’s walking down the sidewalk cursing the world, the inevitable truck-kun is about to hit 3 unaware teenagers. Taking his last chance to do something meaningful, he rushes over to save them. He instead gets hit himself, saving the kids at the cost of his own life.

The next moment he opens his eyes, he finds out he’s reincarnated as a baby named Rudeus Greyrat. He is living in an entirely different world full of swords and magic, accompanied by memories from his previous life.

He sees this as an opportunity to live the life he missed out on. This makes him determined to make his new life better than his last.

Now, Studio Bind gives us the thrilling Adaptation of a beloved story that takes a realistic take on the Isekai genre. Mushoku Tensei brings to us a breath-taking art style, amazing character development, and a hard-boiled plot.

Why this anime will get your attention?

Another good thing is that the overpowered trope has a plausible reason. Having the experience of a 34-year-old man in a child’s body allows him to be wiser, and explore his options more.

We can see that he’s studied and trained himself in his early years. This makes him become the powerful character we know in later episodes.

What’s next in Mushoku Tensei?

(Spoiler Alert!) In the second episode, we see himself face the trauma he had in the previous life, with the help of his teacher.

Being severely bullied by his classmates most of his school days, he’s developed anxiety in facing other people in fear that he’d judge him like before. This is one of the reasons he became a shut-in, and we are reminded that he is human.

Not to mention, the world-building is fantastic. The world’s laws are explained clearly for people who are new to Isekai and not just jammed into the viewer’s heads. This gives you a gist of the world, but not getting too in-depth to stray from the plot.

Each character has a great backstory, and the story depicts everyone as grey characters, having both strong and weak points. This series gives you characters that get you invested and empathize with.

This is why you should watch it. The story goes on an interesting take of reincarnation because the character takes advantage of this second chance in life he’s given. Readers are invested in the growth of a once pathetic and perverted shut-in to a responsible and lovable hero.

Hope you readers give this anime a try and let us know what you think about the future episodes.

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