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Winter 2024 Seiyuu of the Season Rankings

The first anime season of the year, Winter 2024, just wrapped up after showcasing some serious and amazing talent. Anime Corner ran its usual seasonal poll and we spiced things up with more categories this time. As always, the classic seiyuu polls were in the mix and it racked up over 16,000 votes in total. Without further ado, let’s check out who stole the show as the top seiyuu of the season!

Top 36 Female Seiyuu of the Season | Winter 2024 Ranking

1stHina Yomiya10.71%
2ndAoi Yuki6.98%
3rdIkumi Hasegawa6.7%
4thKana Ichinose6.51%
5thAtsumi Tanezaki6.47%
6thAkari Kito5.72%
7thReina Ueda4.02%
8thFuka Izumi3.41%
9thRina Hidaka3.35%
10thFairouz Ai3.03%
11thSumire Morohoshi2.99%
12thAyane Sakura2.92%
13thAtsuko Tanaka2.89%
14thSayaka Sembongi2.86%
15thNao Toyama2.85%
16thMaaya Uchida2.43%
17thYumiri Hanamori1.96%
18thAoi Koga1.93%
19thYui Ishikawa1.86%
20thYume Miyamoto1.83%
21stAyaka Nanase1.65%
22ndMikako Komatsu1.62%
23rdMoe Kahara1.61%
24thMisaki Kuno1.59%
25thAina Suzuki1.45%
26thKaede Hondo1.43%
27thAi Kakuma1.42%
28thSumire Uesaka1.34%
29thYo Taichi1.21%
30thKanon Takao1.17%
31stShizuka Ito0.81%
32ndHaruka Shiraishi0.76%
33rdTomoyo Kurosawa0.73%
34thEri Kitamura0.63%
34thAnna Nagase0.63%
36thNatsumi Kawaida0.54%

From winning the Best Rookie Voice Actor Award in the recent Seiyu Awards to now being crowned as the top female seiyuu for Winter 2024, Hina Yomiya is certainly on the up, emerging not only as a stunningly talented individual but also as one of the shining stars among the new generation. This rising talent truly delivered this season, reprising her role as Anna Yamada in The Dangers In My Heart Season 2. Her captivating and outstanding performance breathed life into the character at its peak.

In second place, we have the consistently impressive Aoi Yuki, who continued to astound audiences with her portrayal of Maomao in the second cour of The Apothecary Diaries. Not stopping there, she also lent her voice to the avian character Peeps in Sasaki and Peeps. While Yuki, a veteran and a legend of the industry, claimed second place, the third spot was occupied by another rising talent, Ikumi Hasegawa. Hasegawa has shown her versatility throughout this season by effortlessly voicing characters with vastly different personalities. Whether it’s the lovable and carefree Rishe or the sinister and agile Ubel, she excels in every role she takes, solidifying her place in the top 3.

Top 37 Male Seiyuu of the Season | Winter 2024 Ranking

1stShun Horie10.35%
2ndTaito Ban8.96%
3rdChiaki Kobayashi7.89%
4thNobuhiko Okamoto6.38%
5thTakeo Otsuka5.53%
6thShoya Chiba5.27%
7thNobunaga Shimazaki4.14%
8thYuichi Nakamura3.75%
9thYuma Uchida3.64%
10thJun Fukuyama3.57%
11thKoki Uchiyama3.09%
11thYuki Kaji3.09%
11thNatsuki Hanae3.09%
14thKenjiro Tsuda2.76%
15thYu Miyazaki2.75%
16thKentaro Kumagai2.51%
17thRyota Osaka2.19%
18thShogo Sakata2.04%
19thRyota Suzuki1.79%
20thGen Sato1.72%
20thYuya Hirose1.72%
22ndHiroshi Kamiya1.71%
23rdToshiyuki Morikawa1.55%
24thShintaro Asanuma1.38%
25thSoma Saito1.3%
26thYohei Azakami1.07%
27thTomokazu Sugita0.9%
28thShunichi Toki0.78%
29thToshiki Masuda0.77%
30thJun Kasama0.69%
31stRyohei Kimura0.68%
32ndGenki Okawa0.66%
33rdChikahiro Kobayashi0.6%
34thYusuke Hoshino0.58%
35thKenichi Suzumura0.53%
36thMasakazu Morita0.41%
37thShoya Ishige0.13%

It’s another clean sweep for The Dangers In My Heart Season 2, with Shun Horie, the voice behind the series’ protagonist Kyotaro Ichikawa, securing the title of the season’s top male seiyuu. Horie truly tapped into his talent, infusing the main character with a depth of emotion resulting in a one-of-a-kind performance. His portrayal of Ichikawa was truly outstanding, capturing the essence of the character with exceptional skill. With both voice actors delivering such stellar performances, it’s no surprise that The Dangers In My Heart Season 2 dominated this Winter 2024 season.

Taito Bans clinches the second spot with his passionate portrayal of Sung Jin-woo in Solo Leveling. He poured his heart and soul into bringing the character to life, to the extent that he reportedly coughed up blood after intense recording sessions. His passion and commitment to his work proved his position among the top two male seiyuu this season and he got what it takes to be one of the best there is. Following closely behind is Chiaki Kobayashi, another voice actor renowned for his talent. His amazing performances as Mash Burnedead in Mashle: Magic and Muscles – The Divine Visionary Candidate Exam Arc, Kiyoshi Adachi in Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?!, Ragna in Ragna Crimson, and Stark in Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End showcase his abundant talent.

Anyone’s Game

Fresh faces are steadily but surely making their mark in the polls. While a few seasoned or notable names are still in the top 10, it’s undeniable that fame isn’t a prerequisite for reaching the highest ranks. With a wealth of talent, dedication, and perseverance, any seiyuu has the potential to rise and claim their glory. It’s a level playing field now and it’s anyone’s game.

We thank everyone who participated in our seasonal poll, and we look forward to seeing you on the next one.

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