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WIXOSS DIVA (A)LIVE Promotional Video Revealed

On 22 September 2020, the upcoming WIXOSS anime franchise WIXOSS DIVA (A)LIVE revealed its latest promotional video. The anime is slated to premiere on January 2021, and will be produced by J.C. Staff under the direction of Masato Matsune. The casts and staff were also released.

The Cast and Production

Saya Fukuzumi – Hirana Asu
Haruka Shiraishi – Rei Sakigake
Shizuku Hoshinoya – Akino Onko

Director: Masato Matsune
Scriptwriter: Tsuyoshi Tamai
Visual Concept Design: NC Empire
Character Design: Ui Shigure
Audio Director: Yoshinori Saito
Composer: Maiko Iuchi

WIXOSS is a trading card game published by Takara Tomy, and was released alongside the anime series Selector Infected WIXOSS. The series first aired last 3 April 2014 until 19 June 2014. A sequel to the series was also released titled Selector Spread WIXOSS which aired last 4 October 2014 until 20 December 2014. A new WIXOSS series titled Lostorage Incited WIXOSS was also released which aired on 7 October 2016 until 23 December 2016. A sequel to the series was also released titled Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS which aired on 6 April 2018 until 22 June 2018.

WIXOSS Lostorage and Selector

You can watch the new promotional video here.

Source: WIXOSS DIVA (A)LIVE Official Website
Featured Image via WIXOSS DIVA (A)LIVE Official Twitter

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