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J.C.Staff Adds Special Selector Loth WIXOSS Anime PV to Spring 2024 Lineup

Studio J.C.Staff studio (One Punch Man 2, Toradora, DanMachi) will produce an animated trailer commemorating the 10th anniversary of the WIXOSS trading card game. The PV, titled and stylized as selector loth WIXOSS, will be released in the spring of 2024. Readers can check out the special announcement trailer below:

selector loth WIXOSS anime by J.C.Staff

Check out the announced selector loth WIXOSS staff below:

  • Series Composition: Mari Okada
  • Theme Song: Kanon Wakeshima
  • Animation Studio: J.C.Staff

Okada has been heavily involved with the WIXOSS franchise, penning the screenplay for multiple adaptations, including the debut anime series selector infected WIXOSS, its second season – selector spread WIXOSS, and a manga adaptation published in Shueisha’s Ultra Jump magazine. Wakeshima performed the first season’s opening, “killy killy JOKER,” while J.C.Staff has animated every project, including the latest WIXOSS DIVA(A)LIVE. WIXOSS began as a card game in April 2014, with the theme of players, called “Selectors,” competing for the chance to have their wish granted.

selector infected WIXOSS originally streamed on Crunchyroll. They described the series:
In the popular game WIXOSS, there are special cards called LRIGs that possess personalities and wills of their own. Ruko is a teenage girl who just found one of these rare cards. Now, she can use her LRIG to battle in a strange, dark plane of existence.

In addition to a new anime PV, a new WIXOSS manga and a novel depicting the selectors following a 10-year timeskip were announced.

Source: comic natalie
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