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World's Finest Assassin Episode 4: Charming Assistant Acquired

Episode 4 of The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat finally premiered, and Lugh successfully acquired a charming assistant. She can sway people’s hearts, while swiftly eliminating threats for her master.

The series is still in its introduction phase and the story focuses on Lugh’s early days. In the last episode, the series introduced Lugh’s first acquaintance and his magic teacher, Dia. In this week’s episode, Lugh finally decided to look for a capable assistant who wields magic.

Tarte, His Charming Assistant

After going to hunt, Lugh met a young, skinny girl about to be devoured by wolves. He saves her and finds out that her name is Tarte, and that she is actually quite capable. Fast forward two years later, Tarte grew into a beautiful, capable assistant who leaves fans speechless both with her talent and personality.

The series is smoothly progressing while keeping on track and the animation never disappoints. The way Lugh fought the wolves was just too cool not to mention. It’s also amazing how organized and detailed Lugh is when it comes to his tasks.

You can also check the illustrations for episode 4 below:

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