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Yashahime Episode 39: Inuyasha and Kagome Spend Time With Their Daughter

Yashahime episode 39 is finally out and we were able to witness a very rare occurance, Inuyasha being soft. For the very first time in Moroha’s life, she spent a day with her parents. Amidst the day, Kagome discovers that Towa came from the modern era and was raised by her younger brother Sota. We were also able to witness again the infamous “Inuyasha Sit Boy” scene and it is very nostalgic. In the InuYasha series, this particular scene is always present.

“Inuyasha Sit Boy” scene

Although they are happy that their whole family is together again, they still need to find a way to get out of the Black Pearl. Sesshomaru’s life is still in danger and Inuyasha needs to go back to the real world in order to save him.

Warning: This Section Might Contain Spoilers.

Meanwhile, outside the Black Pearl, Shippo appeared for the first time in the series. His appearance is still the same but his fox magic power is now greater compared to how strong it was in the InuYasha series. Thanks to Shippo, Takechiyo was able to prevent Kirinmaru’s schemes. However, it doesn’t change the fact that Sesshomaru is still in danger. The fact that Rin is also facing Kirinmaru at the moment makes it worse because she doesn’t have any powers, unlike Kagome who is a legendary priestess.


We all know that Sesshomaru will not let Kirinmaru harm Rin. With that said, based on their current situation, Sesshomaru won’t stand a chance against Kirinmaru. The only hope now is to get Inuyasha out of the Black Pearl.

Going out of the Black Pearl

Looking back at the InuYasha series, there are several ways to go out of the “Great Dog Demon’s Tomb”. The first one is through Inuyasha’s eye, but it vanished after he acquired the Tessaiga. The second one uses the “Shikon no Tama” but Kagome destroyed it during their final battle against Naraku. The other way is when the Tessaiga (Inuyasha’s sword) and the Tenseiga (Sesshomaru’s sword) are together. Both of the two swords represent Toga’s powers, as they were originally his fangs. With that in mind, the only possible way to return to the mortal realm is for Inuyasha to obtain the Tenseiga, which is currently in Sesshomaru’s possession. Luckily, Towa was able to wield the Tenseiga in episode 25 of the series. The question is, will be able to summon it?


The normal path out of the Black Pearl will take more than 100 years, so they desperately need all the shortcuts available. Will they finally be able to go back into the mortal realm?

If you too are wondering if they’ll make it, episode 40 will air on January 22, 2022, and you can watch it on Funimation. The ending of Yashahime episode 39 also previews that Shippo and Takechiyo will finally meet Sango. The Black Pearl is in Takechiyo’s possession, so there’s a chance that Sango will help them protect the ones who are currently trapped inside of it.

The characters from the “old generation” are indeed appearing one by one. Sango is one of the five main characters of the InuYasha series after all. Are we going to see the old generation together again?


Half-demon twins Towa and Setsuna were once separated, but now the daughters of Sesshomaru have reunited and are joined by Moroha, the daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome. After a near-death defeat at the hands of Kirinmaru, the three are determined to become stronger than before. But as they discover their true potential, they’ll uncover the secrets hidden in their bloodline.


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