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Yojohan Time Machine Blues Comes to Disney+ in Japan on September 14

Science SARU’s Yojohan Time Machine Blues will premiere on September 14 in Japan and stream weekly on the Disney+ service. The anime will have 6 episodes, and the final two will air on October 12. The sixth episode will be an anime original.

In addition to the anime, Yojohan Time Machine Blues will also have a theatrical screening, as a 1.5-hour-long movie starting on September 30. Shingo Natsume (Sonny Boy) is directing the anime, which was first announced in August of last year. A teaser trailer for the series was revealed in June of this year:

The story is a sequel to The Tatami Galaxy and was inspired by the 2001 Makoto Ueda’s stage play Summer Time Machine Blues. Tomihiko Noriumi authored both novels, the first of which came out in 2004. Yojohan Time Machine Blues was published in 2020 in Japan. HarperCollins licensed both titles: The Tatami Galaxy is set to release this fall, while the sequel is scheduled for summer of 2023. In addition to these two, The Night is Short, Walk On Girl from 2006 is also set in the same universe. HarperCollins describes The Tatami Galaxy plot as:

An unfulfilled college student hurtles through four parallel realities to explore the what-might’ve-been and the what-should-never-be in this Groundhog Day meets The Midnight Library–esque novel from one of Japan’s most popular authors.

The Tatami Galaxy received a TV anime adaptation that premiered on April 23, 2010, and ended on July 2 of the same year after 11 episodes. MADHOUSE animated it, while Masaki Yuasa (founder of Science SARU) directed the series. Shingo Natsume, the director of the upcoming Yojohan Time Machine Blues, also worked in the anime, as an episode director. Yuasa and Science SARU also worked on the movie adaptation of The Night is Short, Walk On Girl in 2018.

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