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Bilibili Comics Announces Partnership With Anime-Planet

Bilibili Comics have announced a partnership with Anime-Planet, which will bring free chapters of their manga and webtoons to Anime-Planet’s online reading portal. This will include sample chapters of 60 titles, with more series and chapters set to be added on an ongoing basis in the future. The titles available from the start will include Heaven Official’s Blessing, The Blade of Evolution: Walking Alone in the Dungeon, The Daily Life of the Immortal King, I’m Really Not the Devil’s Lackey, A Big Shot In The Imperial Palace, among others. In addition, Bilibili Comics has also added Anime-Planet’s community ratings to their pages as part of a new third-party scoring feature.

Bilibili Comics x Anime-Planet partnership

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The comments from both companies’ representatives are available below:

We are very optimistic about the partnership with Anime-Planet, as it will allow us to connect with more comic book fans. Now, fans can read sample chapters of our comics and score their favorite ones directly on the Anime-Planet website. At the same time, Anime-Planet’s community ratings will become an important consideration when users choose something to read on the Bilibili Comics platform.

Spokesperson from Bilibili Comics

We are thrilled to have this opportunity to partner with Bilibili Comics. Bilibili Comics offers so many high-quality manga and webtoons that we know our community will love, and we’re excited that users can make their voices heard in the ratings. We are looking forward to strengthening this partnership moving forward.

Kim Cameron, Anime-Planet founder

The available series will cover a multiple genres, including BL, GL, martial arts, science fiction, and comedy. Users will be able to read the sample chapters for free on Anime-Planet, add ratings and track their reading progress, while they will need to follow links to Bilibili Comics to read the full series and see Anime-Planet’s combined community score.

Source: Press release

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