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You Need This New POP UP PARADE Kyoka Uzen Figure

Don’t you hate it when you’re walking home, then suddenly you’re transported to a weird dimension with humanoid-looking things that want to help you check into a casket? Well, if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll end up with some pretty awesome powers and a hot master who has to get frisky with you whenever she asks you to do something. Most of us won’t ever be that lucky, but to make up for it for the low cost of $31.99 we can buy our very own POP UP PARADE Kyoka Uzen figure!

Currently available as a pre-order on the official Good Smile Company website, the figure is expected to ship in the first quarter of 2025. It’s beautifully sculpted by Dogu and with an expression that’s to die for. The figure is a prized collection item despite its relatively low cost, which is proof that something affordable things can be a solid investment. Though do keep in mind, that it’s not a scale-figure, not that it matters, since at 7.81 inches it’s still sizable. That’s 200 mm for everyone who doesn’t use the correct method of measuring things.

Currently on HIDIVE in all its uncensored glory, Chained Soldier tells the story of Yuuki Wakura, who, after getting teleported to the mysterious world of Mato, almost falls prey to the beasts that inhabit the dimension he now finds himself in. But, the day when he gives up the ghost is still far away as he’s rescued by Kyouka Uzen, commander of the Demon Defense Force’s 7 Unit. But as the battle begins to turn against them, Kyouka uses her stigmatized ability to take control of Yuuki and transforms him into a monster who fights at her command. And, to Yuuki’s luck, whenever he battles for her, he has to get rewarded. But, these aren’t just any rewards. The lucky MC doesn’t get a pizza party and some cake for his actions, he gets something much steamier.

The POP UP PARADE Kyoka Uzen figure will start shipping out in the first quarter of 2025.

Source: Good Smile Company
© Takahiro / Yohei Takemura / Shueisha / Magic Defense Corps Public Relations Department

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