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Yuri Is My Job Episode 1 Preview Released

The GL (girls’ love) anime Yuri Is My Job released preview images and video for its upcoming episode 1. The first episode is titled “Welcome to Liebe Girls Academy!” and it is slated to premiere on Thursday, April 6. Mitsuki Kitamura (Interspecies Reviewers episodes 2, 8, 12) is directing the episode with Hijiri Sanpei (Citrus episode 2) doing the storyboard and Naoki Hayashi (Citrus) is supervising the screenplay. Taisuke Iwasaki (Bakemonogatari episodes 4, 13-15) is credited as the chief animation director.

The episode will introduce Hime Shiraki, who just entered high school, and inadvertently got a job. Hime is a girl with an angelic personality and is adored by everyone. However, her cute demeanor is a facade as she actually just uses it to achieve her dreams of becoming a billionaire. One day, she accidentally stumbles and injures Mai, a girl who looks like a junior high school student. She is assigned to work in Mai’s place and is taken to what appears at first glance to be an ordinary coffee shop. However, it turns out to be a concept café called “Liebe Girls Academy,” where the waitresses serve customers dressed as students of a young lady’s school. Don’t miss out on episode 1 of Yuri Is My Job which will be available to stream on Crunchyroll.

Yuri Is My Job Episode 1 – Preview Video

Studios Passione and LINGS are collaborating together in animating with Taisuke Iwasaki adapting the character designs from the manga by Minman. Yui Ogura is voicing the main character Hime Shirasagi while Sumire Uesaka is Mitsuki Ayanokoji. The two voice actors will also perform the ending song together while the former is singing the opening song. The series previously unveiled a Hinamatsuri visual.

Crunchyroll describes the story as follows:
Hime gets roped into working at a weird café where the waitresses pretend to be students at an all-girl boarding school. She’s strangely taken with her partner Mitsuki, who’s so kind to her in front of the customers. There’s just one problem…Mitsuki really can’t stand her! 

Source: Official Website and Twitter
© Minman, Ichijinsha / Watayuri Production Committee!

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