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Zegapain STA Film Gets August 16 Premiere, Visual and Trailer

The Zegapain STA anime will be premiering in Japanese theatres on August 16, as announced with a trailer and visual. Masami Shimoda is directing the film with Katsuhiko Takayama as the screenwriter.

Zegapain STA anime film – Trailer (August 16 Theatrical Release)

Zegapain STA is the sequel to the Zegapain film, released in October 2016. Masami Shimoda both directed and wrote the script for the first film, which a compilation of the Zegapain TV anime. The TV anime series by Sunrise was produced alongside TV Tokyo and Dentsu. It aired for 26 episodes between April and September 2006. Shimoda also directed the series, this time with Mayori Sekijima on the script. Takehiko Ito and Akihiko Yamashita were in charge of the character designs.

Zegapain STA anime film – Visual

The from the previous installments is returning for the Zegapain STA film and include:

  • Shintaro Asanuma: Kyo Sogoru
  • Kana Hanazawa: Ryoko Kaminagi
  • Ayako Kawasumi: Shizuno Misaki
  • Tomohiro Tsuboi: Shima
  • Romi Park: Mao Lu-Shen
  • Yui Makino: Jen May-Yu
  • Akeno Watanabe: Jen May-Yen
  • Marina Inoue: Minato
  • Hiroshi Kamiya: Toya Hayase
  • Yukana: Mizuki Tachibana
  • Yasunori Matsumoto: Sen’ichi Kurashige
  • Shinpachi Tsuji: Lemures
  • Eri Nakao: Dita
  • Mai Kadowaki: Ricerca
  • Junko Okada: Fosetta

Sentai Filmworks licensed the original Zegapain series for North America. Currently, the movie isn’t available on any streaming services. Sentai describes the plot as:
Kyo is a cheerful swimmer. He’s an ordinary high school student who attends a high school near Maihama, Chiba, and spends his school life busy with love and friendship.
However, one day, a mysterious transfer student, Shizuko, suddenly arrives and leads him into a battle with giant robots in another world. As Kyo passes through repeated battles, he is faced with many doubts and despite suffering, he throws himself into battle to protect himself and his friends…

Source: Official Website
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