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Zenless Zone Zero Launches First Pop-Up Event: Hollow Sighting in New York

The newest HoYoverse title, Zenless Zone Zero is launching a Hollow Sighting in New York pop-up event. Starting on July 12 from 12 PM-6 PM and July 13 from 10 AM-6 PMvisitors will have the unique opportunity to be transported directly into a real-life Hollow, the mysterious interdimensional anomaly from Zenless Zone Zero, where they’ll run into Hollow Investigative Association (H.I.A.) Investigators, Proxies, and Bangaboos along the way. The gacha game launched earlier this month.

The first pop-up event for the gacha game which launched earlier this month is described as:
Upon entry into the experience, guests will pass through the quarantine zone and undergo orientation before taking on the role of a new H.I.A. Investigator inspecting the Hollow, which will exist in the space as a large iridescent dome before them. Within the Hollow, large Ether Crystals will surround the space for fans to collect powerful Ether Energy. Scanning the codes will prompt guests to complete an on-screen Ether Collection mini-game that will help them fill up their Ether Energy meter, which they can exchange for a physical take-home Ether Crystal But if fans spend too much time on quests, they will be in jeopardy of being corrupted and becoming an Ethereal Monster themselves!

The space will feature photo-op moments with ZZZ characters, including a large 3D scale of Ben Bigger and Bell & Wise cosplayers, as well as demon stations for visitors who still haven’t tried the game.

Zenless Zone Zero players will be able to get codes used to redeem in-game currency. Other rewards for visiting the pop-up include merch such as Bangboo phone stands and themed AR Pins.

Source: Press Release

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