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Scam Avoided In Real Life Thanks To Anime

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So not sure how many people watched Great Pretender, but here’s a great chance to promote it. A reddit user shared their story, where they mentioned they avoided a scam thanks to anime. The post started:

Yesterday somebody rang the doorbell of my apartment claiming to work for the gas company and said they’re doing their annual check for leaks. I let the man in and he starts sweeping the gas pipes with a detector, honing in on one spot and triggering some sort of alarm.

scam avoided thanks to anime - Great Pretender

In the very first episode of Great Pretender, we see a similar event happen. The main character and his associate try to do a similar thing, though I’d be spoiling if I wrote about the outcome.

Anyway, the post continues:

The guy claims that there’s something wrong and they need to change a component of the pipe and will be taking around 60-130USD cash in order to change it. Immediately I thought of the first episode of Great Pretender where the guy was running the same scam! I told the guy to stop and that I needed to double check and asked him to leave the apartment. Later on I find out that he scammed my elderly neighbors, including my mother who lives nearby. We’ve got his face on CCTV and submitted our police reports but I gotta say it’s funny how an anime actually kept me from being scammed. I checked my mailbox afterwards and they even put in a fake notice saying they’ll be doing a check yesterday.

Technically, it wasn’t the same scam since they said they were from a waterworks bureau in the anime. But the point is there, and it’s definitely good that the OP had watched it – scam avoided thanks to anime! In the end of the post, they invite everyone to be careful. Also to ask for legit credentials if someone asks to enter your house.

Long story short, you should watch Great Pretender. It’s seriously good (animation by Wit Studio!), and it’s available worldwide on Netflix now!

Source: Reddit post
Images: Netflix

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