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5 Modern Romance Manhwa You Should Read on WEBTOON

Do you ever find yourself on WEBTOON, just itching to explore new modern romance titles? Here are some that I really enjoy. Some are relatively new, so you can either read them weekly as they get updated or save them for later and let them marinate with a lot of chapters. These gems don’t get much attention, so here are my top five picks that can be found on this platform.

WEBTOON is a platform for digital comics optimized for online reading. Typically presented in a vertical scrolling format, it makes it convenient for readers to enjoy content on their mobile devices. Webtoon offers various genres, including romance, fantasy, action, drama, and more. Launched in 2005 by Naver Corporation, Webtoon (stylized in all caps) is a South Korean webtoon platform that provides hosting for webtoons and compact digital comics.

Kiss Meow

© bodo / WEBTOON

Synopsis: Sara comes back to life from a car accident with the grace of a cat god. But she is now under a cat spell—that is, Sara turns into a cat on rainy days. There is only one way to break the spell. She must fall in love with the cat butler of her destiny who truly loves and cares for cats, and kiss. On top of that, a mysterious yet familiar cat murderer starts chasing Sara’s catself after she witnesses the murderer killing a cat with a stone. Will Sara be able to protect herself from the cat murderer? Will she be able to break the spell with a kiss from the butler of her destiny?

I started reading this WEBTOON when it initially launched, around the first eight chapters, and I found the art to be exceptionally intriguing. The unique artistic style captivated me, standing out from other stories I’ve encountered. Intrigued by the premise, I decided to give it a try, and I was pleasantly surprised. As a cat lover, the inclusion of feline elements in the story piqued my interest.

The narrative is not solely a romance; it incorporates mystery elements that keep readers on their toes. Unexpected twists add an extra layer of excitement, making it more than just a typical love story. Personally, I find the combination of romance and mystery to be engaging, and I eagerly anticipate each new chapter released every week.

If you enjoy a blend of modern romance and mystery, this story is well-suited for you. The characters are diverse and interesting, contributing to the overall appeal of the narrative. The story explores various relationships, including sibling dynamics, classmate interactions, and childhood connections, offering a multifaceted experience. Whether you appreciate the complexities of different relationships or have a soft spot for cats, this WEBTOON is likely to capture your attention. If you seek a story that delivers both heart-fluttering romance and intriguing mystery, Kiss Meow is a compelling choice that is sure to keep you hooked.

Read Kiss Meow
Episodes available to read in English: 38 episodes

Let’s Meet After Work

© Hanna Park / HamDude / RoseBean / WEBTOON

Synopsis: Three years ago in Spain, Chaewon had to break up with her boyfriend, Seongjun Han, because her father collapsed after his company went bankrupt. In order to pay the debt her father owes to his former employees and loan sharks, she decides to take part in a posthumous marriage for 200 million won. As a condition for the marriage, she’s not allowed to date anyone for 1,000 days. On her wedding day, she runs into Seongjun, who still has feelings for her, and now she has to work part-time at his company for three months.

When I first laid eyes on the cover of this story, I was struck by the sheer joy radiating from the girl depicted. Her infectious smile immediately drew me in, and I found myself enamored by her happiness. However, as I delved into the initial chapters, I couldn’t help but contemplate the challenges she faced. Imagining myself in her shoes, I couldn’t shake the sense of entrapment and suffocation that would accompany such a contractual predicament.

The characters in this modern romance story, particularly the male lead, add a comedic element that enhances the overall narrative. Witnessing events unfold from his perspective provides insight into the complex dynamics at play. His amusing interactions with the protagonist reflect the delicate balance of navigating lingering feelings for a past partner, making for a humorously relatable scenario. Currently, the story is reaching its climax, with the male lead beginning to connect the dots. This anticipation keeps me eagerly awaiting each new chapter, wondering when he will realize the true nature of the predicament and extend a helping hand.

If you appreciate narratives involving characters with a shared past and the earnest desire to rekindle their connection, coupled with a modern romance office setting, this story is tailor-made for you. Adult romance stories are relatively scarce, making this a refreshing choice for those seeking mature character dynamics. The inclusion of comedic elements in the characters’ interactions, along with insights into the male lead’s perspective, adds depth to the story. If you enjoy plots that explore the complexities of relationships and feature humor, Let’s Meet After Work is a worthwhile addition to your reading list.

Read Let’s Meet After Work
Episodes available to read in English: 34 episodes

Locked Into You

© Lee dala / Jeong Hyejin / Ganga / WEBTOON

Synopsis: Detective Ganghui encounters Hajun, a world-famous designer who looks exactly like her late boyfriend, Yujin. He even wears the matching ring Ganghui and Yujin had shared. Hajun seems to know what’s bothering her but won’t tell her the secret behind the uncanny resemblance. Instead, he keeps persuading her to date and later marry him. Now Ganghui has two options: follow her heart and fall in love with that man or follow her head to find out the truth about him. Oh, wait. Maybe, just maybe… she’ll be able to choose both.

The initial draw for me was the male lead’s undeniable attractiveness, prompting me to pick up this story. Beyond that, the narrative itself proves to be captivating. Notably, the female lead stands out as a strong and independent character, a rarity that adds a refreshing dimension to the storytelling. It’s a positive portrayal of a woman in a position of strength, and this aspect resonated well with me.

The plot unfolds with the female lead grappling with her past, particularly her determination to unravel the mystery surrounding a ring that may connect to her late boyfriend. This pursuit becomes a driving force, adding layers of intrigue to the story. Personally, I can empathize with the protagonist’s emotional turmoil—imagining oneself in her shoes, discovering a similar ring on someone else would undoubtedly evoke intense reactions. The narrative explores themes of romance, self-discovery, and moving on from the past, showcasing significant character development.

If you’re seeking a modern romance story, a narrative featuring a strong and independent female lead, this story is an excellent choice. It delves into character development, illustrating the intricate process of connecting with others and grappling with emotions. The theme of moving on from the past and finding someone transformative adds depth to the storyline. The central mystery of whether the ring matches her late boyfriend’s brings an element of suspense. If you enjoy stories that explore personal growth, romance, and the complexities of past relationships, Locked Onto You is a compelling read that will keep you hooked.

Read Locked Into You
Episodes available to read in English: 40 episodes

Love Cycle


Synopsis: Alicia’s love life is perfect in her fantasy journal, but in reality she’s desperate to get her crush’s attention in school. When her journal leads her to a popular upperclassman, she gains an unexpected wingman—who only has more strings to pull as feelings start to unravel in everyone around them. After all, is love ever as simple as fairytales make it seem?

This story features incredibly cute art, and typically, I’m not drawn to brightly illustrated stories. However, the title, Love Cycle, intrigued me, prompting me to dive into the narrative. As I progressed through the initial ten chapters or so, I was genuinely amazed because the essence of a love cycle became apparent. It’s like going through the motions of a love cycle, and though the story hasn’t delved too deeply yet, the concept is intriguing.

The narrative raises questions about potential couples and introduces a game-like element where you assess which characters have a dynamic suitable for a romantic connection. This aspect got me contemplating whether certain characters should or should not be a couple. It feels like a playful exploration of romantic dynamics, and the uncertainty adds to the story’s charm. The concept of a love cycle, where one character may harbor feelings while the other remains oblivious, adds an interesting layer. Moreover, each character’s delusions about their crushes contribute humor to the storyline.

If you appreciate brightly illustrated and cute art, this modern romance story is a good fit. It’s particularly enjoyable if you like whimsical characters trying their best to capture someone’s attention. The narrative offers a unique take on romantic dynamics, posing questions about compatibility and creating a playful, game-like atmosphere. If you enjoy stories where characters may be delusional about their crushes or if you find humor in such scenarios, Love Cycle is recommended. Ultimately, if you are intrigued by the complexities of unrequited love and varying romantic inclinations, this story is worth exploring. Shout out to the delulu people out there! 

Read Love Cycle
Episodes available to read in English: 29 episodes

Lovers of the Galaxy

© JEONG Halim / Gang / WEBTOON

Synopsis: Six years ago, when Wooju lost her father, she came across a kind-hearted alien in the mountains. Ever since then, she’s been an avid fan of aliens, but she pretends not to believe in their existence out of fear that her classmates will ostracize her. One day, Wooju discovers a school club that meets her interests. She’s excited to finally share her passion for aliens with others, but she has no idea that this will be the beginning of her exciting romance with the student body president Huimun, who has a secret of his own.

Upon discovering the title, I anticipated that this story would be cute, and considering my own interest in aliens, I was intrigued by the blend of extraterrestrial elements with high school life. The narrative turned out to be an endearing and wholesome read, presenting a high school experience many would wish to have.

The story is not only cute but also interesting, evoking giggles with its lighthearted moments. What sets it apart is the rare occurrence of character development among young individuals. Observing how the characters evolve, with some exhibiting more growth than others, adds depth to the narrative. The friend group dynamic, with diverse perspectives converging around a shared belief in aliens, creates an engaging and enjoyable atmosphere.

The interaction between the two main characters stands out as particularly adorable. Amidst the variety in the friend group, their unique connection contributes to the overall charm of the story. Currently, it holds the position as my favorite among the recommended reads.

If you appreciate soft high school romance, this story is a perfect fit. The cute drawings enhance the overall reading experience, providing a delightful aesthetic. Despite the challenges and issues that arise, the narrative skillfully navigates communication among the characters, a notable strength often lacking in high school-based stories. It’s a story that prompts both moments of frustration and triumphant cheers, making it a compelling read. This is a very cute school modern romance story!

Read Lovers of the Galaxy
Episodes available to read in English: 39 episodes

Thank you for reading my recommendation for modern romance stories, and I hope you get to pick up at least one of them! Want more manhwa recommendations? Read my article Top 10 Must-Read Manhwa With Rich Character Relationships.

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