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Top 10 Must-Read Manhwa With Rich Character Relationships

Manhwa offers an exceptional avenue for escaping the confines of reality, and within this article, we are poised to introduce you to an enticing array of manhwa that are certain to captivate your attention. Our selection covers an expansive spectrum of genres, from captivating mystery and heartwarming romance to delightful and silly tales that allow you to immerse yourself in a world distinct from yours, filled with amazing characters whose relationships just keep on giving. These stories serve as a respite from the ordinary, allowing you to explore and expand your imagination. With their superb artwork and masterfully crafted narratives, these manhwa are bound to leave you eagerly awaiting the unveiling of each subsequent panel.

Black Winter


Synopsis: One cold winter night, Haesa seeks shelter in an old house in the mountains, where she meets a slumbering stranger named Yuan. That’s when tragedy begins to befall Haesa’s friends, plunging the young girl into a sad and lonely youth. Ten years later, as Yuan starts to regain his lost memories, he realizes that this cursed fate goes back much further, to a time only he can recall. But with sinister forces at play, will they be able to break the toxic cycle and step into the warmth of spring? (TAPAS)

Review: When I first embarked on my journey into this particular narrative, I must admit that I wasn’t initially captivated. It seemed somewhat lackluster, and I had my reservations about whether it would be able to hold my interest. However, I held onto a glimmer of hope because the artwork was undeniably captivating, a true testament to the creator’s skill.

But as I continued delving into the story, my reservations began to dissipate, replaced by a growing sense of intrigue and excitement. What had initially appeared as a mundane tale transformed into something extraordinary. The true charm of this story became evident as it gradually unraveled its myriad backstories. Unlike many other narratives that tend to skim over character backgrounds, this one unveiled an impressive depth of information, weaving an intricate web of context and history that pulled me in like a moth to a flame.

The story’s ability to reveal these enthralling backstories was nothing short of masterful. Each revelation created a newfound sense of mystery and curiosity, urging me to keep turning the pages. It was as if I had been handed a box of puzzle pieces, and with each new detail, I was fitting them together, slowly but surely. The more the story unveiled, the more I found myself exclaiming, “That’s crazy!” The sheer audacity of the plot twists and character connections left me in awe, constantly second-guessing my assumptions and theories.

It was a departure from my typical reading preferences. I’m usually content with enjoying a story on the surface, going with the flow and savoring the adventure. But this narrative was different. It demanded more from me, enticing me to immerse myself deeply in its intricate plot and character development. It made me ponder, analyze, and connect the dots, inviting me to become an active participant rather than a passive observer.

In a world of manhwa and stories that often serve as light-hearted escapades, this one stood out as a beacon of sophistication and depth. It ventured into the realm of mystery, challenging me to think, question, and explore the intricacies of its narrative. And for that, I’m genuinely grateful that I persisted in my journey through this story, for it proved to be a rare gem in a sea of literary entertainment.

Status: Ongoing
Current Official English Translated Chapters Published: 103 Chapters
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I Became a Sitter for the Obsessive Villains

© Yeoram, Seongyeong oh, i singna / studio ALIVE / Tappytoon

Synopsis: When Meia realizes she’s woken up in the story “The Flower of Shakir,” she immediately busts out of the temple and runs for her life. After all, she has no intention of becoming the side character who is sacrificed just for the sake of the male protagonist! But during her grand escape, Meia runs into Duke Rakha Aintia, the story’s villain, and his two younger siblings. In an unexpected turn of events, Meia is hired as the twins’ sitter, but she also happens to attract the duke’s attention due to something magical in her touch… (Tappytoon)

Review: Let me share my experience with you – my initial attraction to this story was solely the male lead, but as I delved deeper into the narrative through the first and second chapters, I found myself in fits of laughter. What really stood out were the male lead’s endearing siblings, who are not only incredibly cute but also remarkably funny. Their interactions and the dynamic between the four of them are nothing short of amusing and deeply intriguing, and it consistently leaves me giggling every time I pick up the story.

As I journey through the current chapters, I can see that the male lead is undoubtedly obsessed, although not to an overwhelming degree. However, a part of me secretly hopes that this obsession intensifies because I have a particular fondness for stories featuring deeply passionate and obsessive male leads. So, if you derive enjoyment from narratives that encompass both humor and complex character dynamics, I wholeheartedly recommend this story as an excellent choice for your reading pleasure.
Status: Ongoing
Current Official English Translated Chapters Published: 35 Chapters
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I Stole the First Ranker’s Soul

© Eudam / Ijeong / KAKAO WEBTOON / KakaoPage / LINE Webtoon

Synopsis: Moa Son, an ordinary office worker, wakes up in a dungeon in the middle of the night and awakens as a collecting hunter. After barely making it out alive, she falls into the same dungeon but gets rescued by the first-ranked hunter, Jihan Seo, and becomes bound up with him. Now he’s offering to make her strong on this one condition — “Promise me you will do your best to kill the bosses of all the dungeons that exist in the world.” Come again? (WEBTOON)

Review: If you have a penchant for strong and empowering female protagonists, this particular story is an excellent choice for you. The chemistry between the two lead characters is nothing short of extraordinary. They come across as inseparable best friends, embarking on adventures together, and collaborating seamlessly to overcome the challenges they face, particularly in their quest to conquer formidable monsters that threaten their world. Their camaraderie is truly a sight to behold, and it consistently injects humor into the narrative, keeping me in stitches throughout.

What’s even more delightful is the plethora of endearing moments that unfold throughout the storyline. These moments reveal the depth of the male lead’s feelings for the female lead. His care and affection for her are beautifully portrayed, making me feel a twinge of envy as I watched their relationship evolve. It’s a testament to the skill of the storytellers that they’ve managed to weave such a captivating and heartwarming bond between the characters, which adds an extra layer of richness to the narrative and keeps viewers like me eagerly following their journey.

Status: Ongoing
Current Official English Translated Chapters Published: 22 Chapters
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Please Marry Me Again!

© miu&Furik&paragu&Rana / DAON STUDIO / TAPAS ENTERTAINMENT 2022

Synopsis: As a so-called “half-noblewoman,” Shurya Littenheim was shunned by all in high society except her husband, Grand Duke Kardi Esperand. So when the powers Kardi inherited from his family start to slowly kill him, Shurya gladly makes a deal to sacrifice her own life instead. Upon her death, she’s reborn as her younger, single self, and this time… she’s doing it all over again! Shurya’s on a mission to make Kardi her hubby once more, but is there any hope of avoiding yet another tragic ending? (TAPAS

Review: I have immersed myself in a multitude of manhwa, often reading more than 100 each week. However, among this extensive list, one stands out as the most endearing and heartwarming. It has secured a place among my top wholesome manhwa. But, let’s set aside those for now and focus on the enchanting narrative I’d like to share with you.

This particular story is brimming with cuteness. What sets it apart is how it allows you to witness the characters’ profound growth in their relationship. As the story progresses, it becomes evident just how much the male lead genuinely cares for the female protagonist, especially during moments of deep emotional significance, such as her last breath. It’s in these moments that you can truly sense the depth of their connection.

But there’s a twist, and it’s a delightful one. The story takes an unexpected turn as she awakens and is wholeheartedly committed to staying with him, even as time seems to turn back. This twist adds layers of depth and intrigue to the narrative, leaving readers eager to explore the ramifications of this intriguing development.

The art in this manhwa deserves a special mention. It’s not just aesthetically pleasing; it’s a perfect match for the story’s theme. The illustrations bring out the character’ emotions and personalities beautifully, creating a visual experience that complements the heartwarming narrative. When you’re immersed in the story, the art makes you feel an overwhelming sense of warmth and softness.

Of course, no story is complete without a little drama, and this manhwa is no exception. Yet, what makes it truly special is how the characters handle these dramatic moments. Their chemistry and the undeniable bond between them make it easy for readers to relate to their cuteness when they’re together, making it all the more enjoyable to follow their journey.

Status: Ongoing
Current Official English Translated Chapters Published: 56 Chapters
Read Please Marry Me Again! on TAPAS

My Farm by the Palace

© Ollcha, Jungyeon / Yeondam X Polarfox / TAPAS ENTERTAINMENT 2022

Synopsis: When Hazel Mayfield is sent to live with the Martins as a child, she falls in love with rural life and vows to have a farm of her own one day. Eleven years later, she receives an unexpected windfall as her grandfather hands her the deed to a plot of land in the middle of the capital. Ecstatic, Hazel sets out to realize her longtime dream of becoming a farmer. There’s only one problem: Her new farm is right next to the imperial palace! And it seems the emperor himself has his eye on her land… (TAPAS

Review: If you appreciate a wholesome female lead who unwaveringly follows her beliefs, this is the perfect choice for you. This particular female lead has endeared herself to me, to the point where I can’t help but want to embrace and adore her. She exudes an irresistible charm that keeps me in high spirits at all times. Her whimsical and carefree nature even evokes in me the desire to experience the simple joys of farm life, which she embodies so effortlessly.

Her character prompts deep introspection, encouraging me to contemplate unexplored avenues and embrace new adventures. As the story unfolds, you’ll witness substantial character development. It all commences with a significant misunderstanding among the characters, which, when eventually unraveled, leads to a stunning twist in the narrative. The transformation in their relationships is nothing short of astounding.

In essence, this story offers a captivating portrayal of a female lead who not only stays true to her convictions but also inspires those around her with her authenticity and charm. The journey is an emotional rollercoaster, filled with heartwarming moments, intriguing character arcs, and a profound exploration of the bonds that form when misunderstandings are overcome. If you’re looking for a delightful and thought-provoking narrative, this is undoubtedly the one to immerse yourself in. 

Status: Ongoing
Current Official English Translated Chapters Published: 49 Chapters
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My Lucky Strike

© bakSSdam / IC Girl / No Wonder / Production CRACK ENT / WEBTOON

Synopsis: Siru is devastated when her crush, the dreamy Gibaek Seol, effectively friendzones her. She goes out that night to drown her sorrows, but after one too many drinks, ends up accidentally kissing someone. The next day, two people in her class show up with a swollen lip. One is Gibaek, and the other is Cheong, a tall and quiet guy who’s always been a bit of an enigma to her. In just one day, Siru’s non-existent dating life takes a sharp turn and she suddenly finds herself with two love prospects. Will she finally be able to get her happy ending with Gibaek? Or start something new with the mysterious Cheong? (WEBTOON)

Review: Allow me to share with you the tale of a young lady who, it seems, isn’t blessed with the best of luck. However, what she lacks in good fortune, she more than makes up for in humor. The art within the story is truly exceptional, and the story itself is nothing short of remarkable.

In each chapter, I find myself laughing uncontrollably. She possesses a unique ability to keep the humor flowing, making it impossible for anyone to stifle their laughter. Even in times of distress, if ever I were to find myself hurt, I’m certain I’d retreat to the bathroom, where I’d shed tears for days.

The essence of this story is rooted in the understanding that her life is a continuous whirlwind of comedic mishaps. It’s as if the universe conspired to bestow upon her the absolute worst luck imaginable. Yet, this very misfortune is what makes her story so irresistibly entertaining.

So, if you’re in search of a story that will not only tickle your funny bone but also revolves around amusing misunderstandings, then this narrative is tailor-made for you. It promises to keep you giggling and entertained from start to finish, a lighthearted journey that celebrates the comical chaos of life’s twists and turns.

Status: Ongoing
Current Official English Translated Chapters Published: 21 Chapters
Read My Lucky Strike on WEBTOON

Ooh La La

© Jemin / Wisdomhouse / Pocket Comics

Synopsis: Never say yes to a typical, dull romance (Pocket Comics)

Review: This is a great manhwa story. There isn’t much drama or even any drama at all. If you want to feel uplifted, then read this quirky love story. Just imagine asking a random guy, “Wanna go out?” and that’s how their journey begins.

Status: Ongoing
Current Official English Translated Chapters Published: 54 Chapters
Read Ooh La La on Pocket Comics

Only Hope

© Gaeng / Byeol ha / Gaeul / JAEDAM / WEBTOON

Synopsis: Eunhye Ju has the picture-perfect marriage with her husband, Dojin Nam. However, when she finds a hidden basement in his villa, she uncovers a dark secret that puts her marriage, and life, at risk. That night, the house goes up in flames and Eunhye is killed by a mysterious masked man – only to awaken nine years in the past, on the day that she meets her would-be husband! Tracing her steps through time, Eunhye must uncover Dojin’s secret – for better or worse this time. (WEBTOON)

Review: If you enjoy stories that combine the elements of love, mystery, and feature a strong-willed female lead taking charge while the male lead portrays a softer, more introverted character, then this is the perfect literary adventure for you. Their story is incredibly captivating, beginning with a dramatic and attention-grabbing opening that instantly draws readers into its intricate world. The way the female lead connects the dots within the story, much like we as readers do, makes the narrative deeply engaging and keeps me eagerly turning the pages.

The narrative in this manhwa unfolds with a series of unexpected events, weaving a tapestry of suspense, emotion, and unexpected twists that keep you on the edge of your seat. As a reader, you find yourself immersed in a world of intrigue, trying to unravel the secrets alongside the female lead. It’s as though you’re part of the story, and the anticipation of what’s around the next corner, the next chapter, becomes almost irresistible.

The story’s brilliance lies in its ability to keep you guessing, to challenge your expectations, and to provide those moments of “aha!” when the pieces of the puzzle fit together perfectly. Every new revelation feels like solving a complex riddle, making it a genuinely exciting experience. So, it’s no wonder that I eagerly await the release of the next chapter, keen to see how the story further unfolds, and how the characters evolve, all while the mystery deepens. This kind of storytelling is not just good; it’s pure magic for any reader who craves a thrilling and enchanting of manhwa.

Status: Ongoing
Current Official English Translated Chapters Published: 50 Chapters
Read Only Hope on WEBTOON

The Villainess’s Stationery Shop

© Minjeolmi, S.moo, yeoroeun / Yeondam / TAPAS ENTERTAINMENT 2022

Synopsis: What’s a girl to do when she wakes up in the body of a villainess? Meldenique Babelloa is a supporting character in a romance novel starring her fiancé, Duke Lennox Hessman, and… her sister, Sheria! Heartbroken, she eventually dies a tragic death as a villainess… or so the original story goes. Determined not to follow the script, Meldenique resolutely abandons her old life and sets out to open… a stationery shop! Will she succeed in defying fate and building the stationery shop of her dreams? (TAPAS)

Review: In this delightful narrative, we embark on a journey with a resilient and independent female protagonist who decides to leave her tumultuous past behind in the form of her ex-husband. However, what makes this story truly captivating is not just her escape from the past but the promising array of future possibilities that open up before her.

Our heroine, a strong-willed and dynamic character, isn’t content to settle for mediocrity in her love life. She’s a beacon of hope for many readers, a symbol of empowerment who reminds us all that we have the agency to shape our destinies. As she ventures into the uncharted waters of post-divorce life, she inadvertently becomes a role model for those seeking the courage to make bold decisions.

One of the most endearing and heartwarming aspects of this tale is the unexpected alliance she forges with a group of children. These kids, wise beyond their years, take it upon themselves to play matchmakers and steer her towards a brighter, romantic future. Their charming attempts to find her a suitable partner are not only amusing but also serve as a testament to the power of community and unconventional support systems.

The chemistry between the female lead and these well-intentioned kids is nothing short of magical in this manhwa. Their interactions, filled with humor, innocence, and genuine affection, add a layer of depth and authenticity to the story. It’s not just about the romance; it’s about the genuine bonds formed between characters of different generations, making this narrative even more heartwarming and relatable.

Furthermore, the story takes an unexpected turn as our heroine dives headfirst into the world of entrepreneurship. Her journey of running a shop, along with her interactions with customers, adds an extra layer of depth and relatability to the story. It provides readers with a taste of the struggles and joys of starting a small business, all while she navigates the complexities of her love life in this manhwa.

Status: Ongoing
Current Official English Translated Chapters Published: 44 Chapters
Read The Villainess’s Stationery Shop on TAPAS

Villain With a Crush

© doroung2 / Yujin / Dumok / Manchun / Seungwoo / WEBTOON

Synopsis: Dumped after confessing to her first crush of three years, Rosa Park falls for her second when the nation’s favorite Superpowered Police Officer, Doryeong Han, swoops in to save her as she’s plummeting from a toppling building. A few years later, a mysterious villain called Blackdog appears, but Doryeong notices something is not quite right. Will the world’s worst villain ever win the heart of the strongest hero in the country? (WEBTOON)

Review: I believe this is one of my top 10 manhwa that I truly enjoy. What makes it so special is the fascinating array of characters. Each one possesses a unique and intriguing personality that resonates with a broad audience. Often, in stories featuring such diverse character dynamics, it can be quite challenging to seamlessly weave them together into an interesting and engaging narrative. However, the creators of this manhwa have succeeded admirably in forging connections between their characters and crafting an enjoyable, dynamic storyline.

The manhwa’s ability to maintain this harmony while presenting a captivating and fun narrative is a testament to the talent of the creative team. Their capacity to keep the reader eagerly anticipating each new episode is, in itself, a noteworthy achievement. The humor and excitement that the story consistently delivers make it a delightful experience that I look forward to with great enthusiasm.

Status: Ongoing
Current Official English Translated Chapters Published: 50 Chapters
Read Villain With a Crush on WEBTOON 

Well, this is the list of the top 10 manhwa that you should read if you want to escape from reality. I hope you enjoy one of the stories you picked up from this article, and I wish you the best of luck in finding and reading great manhwa.

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