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Goblin Slayer II Episode 2 - Goblin Slaying and Existential Crisis

Episode 2 of Goblin Slayer II brought us a new character more gritty scenes, and of course, a lot of goblin slaying. Somehow, the lack of character names and the fantasy setting always make me forget just how dark and edgy at times the story can be and this episode was no exception – until the very end, where it really hit.

As hinted in the previous episode, Priestess gets to hone her leadership skills by taking the party and its new member (maybe?), Wizard Boy to exterminate some goblins. Wizard Boy seemingly has a chip on his shoulder, which combined with a big ego and some past trauma makes for a nice disaster recipe. When his hastiness gets the party in trouble, Priestess has to act as a leader, but it does not go smoothly.

The unexpected character development aside, the Goblin Slayer anime has always had a knack for gore and torture, especially when it comes to female characters. I get that this is supposed to show us how despicable goblins are, but where is the line between meaningful and too much? This series has been walking it for a while now, and while I wouldn’t say it’s gone past it, it’s pretty close. Maybe some follow-up would help because at the moment these scenes feel a bit like cheap gratification.

One thing I want to praise about episode 2 of Goblin Slayer II is the ending – Goblin Slayer’s reaction to the information about Wizard Boy. Slayer is always stoic, his voice never changes and the helmet he wears hides not only his face but all the emotion that may escape him at times. However, that final scene shows us how he really feels and how much he actually suffers. Goblin Slayer, seen as a hero by many, is in reality doubting himself and his dreams, just like many of us. I didn’t expect this, especially after the dungeon battle, but once again I have to praise the character development in this story.

Episode 2 of Goblin Slayer II is streaming on Crunchyroll.
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