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5 Romance Manhwa for Every Mood on Tappytoon

You’re on Tappytoon and have just finished reading Solo Leveling. Now, you’re wondering what to read next. Whether you’re in the mood for romance mixed with elements like revenge, stories involving children, interesting and complex characters, or humorous characters with tough background stories and good character dynamics, this list has something to satisfy your cravings. Here are some stories that offer at least one of these elements that are romance manhwa on Tappytoon:

What is Tappytoon? Tappytoon is a platform (both app and website) that offers users access to an impressive collection of Korean web comics and web novels, genres spanning from action to romance, fantasy, and many more. Tappyroon boasts a readership of 7 million in 241 countries and has big plans for the future, as revealed recently to Anime Coner in an exclusive interview with one of the co-founders.

Lips Upon a Sword’s Edge

ⓒ Mwagwa / Pinku / Yunsul 2022 / Tappytoon

Synopsis: Arnée Brillhit is the captain of the Golden Dragon Knights and one of the few swordmasters on the continent. As such, finding a man willing to marry Arnée in the Western Empire is like finding a needle in a haystack. So, when Grand Duke Cassian Ternuzen of the Northern Empire asks for Arnée’s hand in marriage, Arnée’s mother gladly gives him her blessing while keeping Arnée’s identity a secret. At first, Arnée is determined to get a divorce and return to her homeland, but she quickly finds out married life isn’t so bad, especially when her handsome husband treats her like a porcelain doll. Will Arnée be able to protect her marriage without revealing that she’s the notorious “mad dog” of the Western Empire?

Before you jump to conclusions about the characters being siblings, let me clarify – they share the same hair color, but they’re not siblings. Some may consider dropping the story due to this similarity, but don’t be too hasty; the narrative has more to offer. The female lead is a robust character, showcasing strength in her actions, although her demeanor may seem peculiar initially. The interactions between the main characters are intriguing, especially the misconception that the male lead perceives her as weak despite evidence to the contrary.

The supporting characters surrounding her add a comedic touch to the story. Their willingness to go the extra mile for her is commendable, and I find the dynamics quite enjoyable. The protagonist’s humorous personality shines through as she navigates through challenges, striving to adhere to her goals while dealing with unexpected feelings that add a layer of complexity to her character.

If you’re in search of a story with a compelling, strong female lead, such as romance manhwa on Tappytoon, look no further. This narrative delivers on that front, presenting a captivating story that goes beyond initial impressions. The supporting characters contribute to the humor, making the interactions memorable. The protagonist’s journey is not only about strength but also about navigating relationships, and the story manages to balance both aspects well. If you enjoy stories where characters maintain positive connections with their pre-marriage life, this is a story worth exploring. Give it a chance, and you might find yourself pleasantly surprised by the engaging narrative and the delightful character dynamics.

Read Lips Upon a Sword’s Edge
Episodes available to read in English: 54 episodes
Status: Weekly ongoing

I’m the Corrupted Side Character’s Wife

ⓒ MERO, Pinku, KimPpopi / Terapin / Tappytoon

Synopsis: What would you do if your fiance holds the demon’s power inside him and could kill you with it? The answer is clear for the reader who wakes up as Lucian’s fiancee, Pernia. That is, she must help Lucian confess to the novel’s heroine, Estelle, so his unrequited love won’t trigger the demon! Whether it’s teaching Lucian to dance or inviting Estelle to her own engagement ceremony, the plucky Pernia is willing to do whatever it takes to get them together. So why is the deadly Lucian turning his eyes toward her instead…? (Tappytoon

One of my favorite stories from the list is I’m the Corrupted Side Character’s Wife. The reason being, it takes a unique approach where the protagonist strives to be a matchmaker for another couple. Initially, she attempts the typical route of trying to make one person like another, but soon realizes that it might not be effective. Instead, she chooses to assist the characters in developing better personalities, understanding each other’s feelings, and facilitating their connection. The narrative departs from the common occurrence in many stories, where it takes dozens of chapters for characters to realize their feelings. In this story, the protagonist takes a proactive approach, deciding to alter the characters’ emotions early on. This departure from the typical plot progression adds a refreshing twist to the storyline. Can’t wait for this story to get more romance between the main couple in this romance manhwa on Tappytoon!

If you enjoy stories where the female lead deviates from the standard plot for a change, this one is a good pick. It provides a different perspective on character relationships and avoids the prolonged buildup of feelings. Additionally, the male lead’s genuine feelings for the protagonist, despite the initial complications with his first love, make the story more compelling. If you appreciate narratives that diverge from the typical trajectory and explore the complexities of character emotions, this Manhwa is worth checking out.

Read I’m the Corrupted Side Character’s Wife
Episodes available to read in English: 33 episodes
Status: Weekly ongoing

Taming the Corrupted

ⓒ STUDIO LICO / Purple village 2023 / Tappytoon

Synopsis: Arlenne Serkia is granted the chance to go back in time and devises a plan to ruin the man who stabbed her heart. The key to her scheme is the slave Kasadin, renowned for his unmatched swordsmanship and stunning beauty, whom she adopts as her “younger brother” to use as both her sword and shield. But Kasadin has a past much deeper and more dangerous than she realizes… and this drives his own motives for staying close to her, both personal and political. If Arlenne isn’t careful, the user might end up being used! (Tappytoon)

Okay, we all know that I have an inclination for picking up stories based on attractive male characters, and yes, I did choose this Manhwa because of the appealing male leads. Naturally, I started reading the story for that reason, but I must say, the female lead is equally captivating. Despite the title, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea, the story turned out to be pretty good.

The female lead is a formidable character driven by a desire for revenge. Her determination to pursue her goals is commendable, and the narrative explores the stark contrast between her past and present life. The story’s progression is intriguing, shedding light on her journey of learning from mistakes, showcasing personal growth, and ultimately seeking revenge for her tragic past. I genuinely enjoy stories where the female lead actively strives for revenge rather than brushing it aside and ignoring the underlying issues. I really enjoy this art for this romance manhwa on Tappytoon!

If you appreciate revenge stories, this one is worth checking out. The characters might be somewhat concerned initially, leading to misunderstandings. However, as the narrative unfolds, there is evident character development, and you begin to understand and like them better. The story incorporates interesting actions that add depth to the overall plot. If you can push through narratives with some complex actions and your primary focus is on revenge, then this Manhwa might be a good fit for you.

Read Taming the Corrupted
Episodes available to read in English: 42 episodes
Status: Weekly ongoing

The Sacred Life of a Webcomic Artist

ⓒ JOOYA 2023 / Tappytoon

Plot: Imagine you were a once-famous adult webcomic artist going through a career slump. Would you rather work with your stunningly sexy but jerk of a producer, Jooho, or your first love and story writer, Minjoon? Well, Hayoon has to work with both! With bills to pay and nothing but ramyun to eat after a string of failed series, Hayoon must successfully launch a new title with both of them on her team. Will she be able to navigate this professional nightmare and revive her career with a bang? And which man will end up taking the spot of her male lead? (Tappytoon)

This story grabbed my attention because I have always been curious about the lives of comic artists, given that I regularly read their works. It is fascinating to delve into the behind-the-scenes aspects and witness how stories come to life through the perspectives of these artists and authors. Unveiling the challenges they face, the toxicity involved, and the impact on their mental well-being provides a unique insight. The struggle to gain recognition for one’s ideas and to attract more readers adds depth to the narrative, making it relatable for aspiring creators. The art is particularly intriguing, drawing my attention, and what captivated me further was exploring the intricacies of the storytelling process.

The story itself is humorous, with engaging character interactions. While some characters undergo development, others remain frustrating, evoking a desire to give them a good punch. This realism in character portrayal adds an interesting layer to the narrative. Each character possesses distinct personalities that elicit either love or disdain, contributing to the overall enjoyment of the story.

Delve into the intricate world of webtoon creation and gain valuable insights into the challenges and dynamics faced by webcomic artists. The narrative not only provides a glimpse into the technical aspects of the craft but also explores the emotional toll it takes on creators. This manhwa boasts compelling character dynamics, offering an array of personalities that can elicit strong emotions, be it frustration or empathy. If you crave stories with a diverse and engaging cast, this aspect of the narrative will undoubtedly satisfy. Moreover, the manhwa presents a refreshing perspective on storytelling, deviating from typical character conflicts and instead delving into the struggles and relationships inherent in the creative process. In conclusion, The Sacred Life of a Webcomic Artist proves to be a compelling read, especially appealing to those intrigued by the world of webcomics, dynamic character relationships, and narratives that transcend the usual animosities found in many stories.hat is different and refreshing than just another story about a typical hatred from one another. This romance manhwa on Tappytoon has some spicy scenes, but they are pretty censored.

Read The Sacred Life of a Webcomic Artist
Episodes available to read in English: 33 episodes
Status: Hiatus 

When the Witch’s Daughter Lifts the Male Lead’s Curse

ⓒ Marucomics / Shuroop / Tappytoon

Synopsis: When Daisy wakes up in the novel “In Love With A Monster Prince” as the daughter of the witch who torments the male lead, Dionel, she must do whatever she can to prevent Dionel from killing her alongside her foster mother when he comes to seek vengeance in the future. 13 years pass, and Daisy is confident that she has achieved this goal until she realizes the original story has changed. Where is the female lead who’s supposed to lift Dionel’s curse with a kiss? And why is Dionel under the impression that Daisy abandoned him? (Tappytoon)

My favorite stories revolve around the female lead capturing the male lead’s affection throughout the narrative. Given this preference, I anticipated that the plot would follow such a theme, drawing my attention. Additionally, the charming presence of the little girl on the cover, with her adorable smile, further intrigued me, prompting me to pick up the manhwa. I can confidently say that I do not regret my decision. Throughout the story, you are treated to heartwarming moments and the protective instincts exhibited by the female lead towards the male lead, making it a delightful read. Witnessing character development, especially in the context of children, was a significant highlight for me. The pacing of the story was commendable – not too slow nor too fast – earning my appreciation.

if you appreciate narratives that commence with main characters in their childhood. If you enjoy story that are both adorable and yet carry a touch of tragedy, this might be an ideal choice for you this week. The romance and the storyline, while not immediately explosive, involve the male lead gradually catching feelings and becoming willing to do anything to help the female lead, making it a satisfying and engaging read. Additionally, if you have a penchant for wholesome creature interactions, When the Witch’s Daughter Lifts the Male Lead’s Curse is likely to captivate you, as it features some delightful interactions with mystical creatures.

Read When the Witch’s Daughter Lifts the Male Lead’s Curse
Episodes available to read in English: 44 episodes
Status: Weekly ongoing 

We hope you find at least one of these romance manhwa on Tappytoon enjoyable!

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