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86-Eighty Six Episode 16 Preview Images Released

Preview images for episode 16 of 86-Eighty Six have been released. The preview images focus on characters we have met before, including Lena’s uncle, Jerome, and Shiden, who we met back in episode 12. You can check out all the preview images on the series’ official site linked in the tweet below.

At the end of episode 15, we see Lena looking at the map of the Republic and how close the upcoming Legion invasion is. The preview images for episode 16 put an emphasis on Lena’s new squad and others who are going into battle. Despite Grethe explaining to Shin that the Federacy takes their analytics way more seriously than the Republic of San Magnolia does, Shin tries to warn them that there are way more than they expect on the way. One of the preview images for episode 16 even shows Shin looking focused on what’s in front of him. In the same image, fans can see the Spearhead Squadron’s old code names on the screen as well.

One of the other preview images shows the new Juggernauts designed by Grethe. So let’s hope she made new adjustments to that workout in the upcoming episode. It’s interesting to see Jerome in one of the preview images and not Lena. However, 86-Eighty tends to release 6 preview images before the episode airs and we are still waiting on one more.

Final Preview Image Prediction

So who do you think the final preview image will show? Lena, the Legion, Kiriya Nouzen, or something/someone else? Let me know in the comments! This article will be updated when the final preview image of episode 16 of 86-Eighty Six is released on Friday.

UPDATE: Lena is the last of the preview images. The image was released on Friday and it shows Lena at her handler station.

Episode 16 will air on Crunchyroll this Saturday, October 30. Also, don’t forget to vote for 86-Eighty Six in our weekly poll! The series has remained in the top-5 every week this fall and top-3 in the past two weeks.

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