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Indie VTuber HORI 07 Joins MyHolo TV

Following the launch of its MonstarZ unit last October 16, MyHoloTV welcomes Virtual YouTuber HORI 07 as its newest member.

Humanoid Investigator

According to her backstory, HORI 07 is a humanoid specializing in investigation. She was sent to the past to investigate a space-time anomaly.

She lost her memories of her mission due to interference during time transfer. What she retains is the basic information of herself and her functions.

Stuck in the past and left with no choice but to wait for help from her allies, the humanoid decides to make a living through music and related creative arts.

HORI 07 by the numbers

Currently, HORI 07 has 29,600 subscribers on YouTube. She also has 10,500 followers on Twitter and 15,600 followers on TikTok. She started her activities at the beginning of 2021.

HORI 07 entertains her viewers on YouTube through her performances. In addition to song covers and playing instruments, the VTuber who is originally from Thailand has a goal of producing her own original song.

She joins the rest of the Monstarz Crew – Liliana Vampaia, Athelia Hiroyuki, Lunaris Urufi, and Virion Kisei. MyHolo TV holds true to its mission to connect the worldwide community with Japanese anime & VTuber culture.

English Debut Schedule

Watch HORI 07’s MyHolo TV debut on November 01, 2021, at 8:00 pm GMT+7 / 9:00 pm GMT+8 on YouTube:

Source: MyHolo TV press release · Character Design: @ninjinshiru · Live2D modelling: Froth

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