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86 Eighty-Six Episode 23 Preview Revealed

The preview for episode 23 of 86 Eighty-Six was released on Friday via the official site. After a stunning cinematic episode last Saturday, episode 23 will look to make an impact as the season one finale.

The official site also released five preview images on Thursday for episode 23, including the one below.

86 Eighty-Six Episode 23 preview image via the official site

86 Eighty-Six Episode 23 Staff

Toshimasa Ishii will make his return this week as episode director and storyboard for episode 23. Ryuta Kawahara is also listed as an episode director while Tomohiko Ito will work on the storyboard as well, according to the official site. Tetsuya Kawakami (ep 12-16, 18-22) will be the chief animator.

86 Eighty-Six One Year Anniversary

The official Twitter account also announced on Thursday that there will be a one-year anniversary celebration for the anime series that will be held on April 10. With the season finale airing on Saturday, March 19, many fans are anticipating a season two announcement in the near future. The anniversary announcement also came with a celebratory image with our favorite characters dressed for the occasion!

Episode 22 of 86 Eighty-Six made its return to our polls this past week and dethroned Attack on Titan for the number one spot. This is the first time Attack on Titan lost the number one spot since the second week of the Winter 2022 season. With almost 20% of the vote in our latest poll, 86 Eighty-Six could possibly take the number-one spot again this week!

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86 Eighty-Six Episode 22 Release Date and Time

The operation to take down the Morpho and put Kiriya to rest was a success. Now, everyone goes back to their respective homes looking to begin the next journey that lays ahead of them. Episode 23 of 86 Eighty-Six will air on Saturday, March 19, on Crunchyroll.

Images via the official website
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