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86-Eighty Six Season 2 Official Preview Released

A preview for 86-Eighty Six Season 2 was released on Tuesday during a special program broadcast in Japan. You can watch the preview below:

The A-1 Pictures anime from the spring season is coming back this October. In yet another stacked lineup, 86-Eighty Six is going to need to deliver to keep the popularity it’s gained in recent months. But, given its success so far, it looks like fans won’t have to worry about that.

After the cliffhanger season one left on, season two of 86-Eighty Six seems like it’s going to dive into Lena’s pursuit of the Spearhead Squadron.

Lena, 86-Eighty Six End of Season 1

So what exactly does Season 2 have in store?

During the end of season one, we saw the Spearhead Squadron with their backs against the wall. It ended with Shin looking as if he was facing imminent death with everyone else knocked out cold. We even see Shin’s body with scribbles where his head is at. This is reminiscent of how they showed his brother, Rei, in his flashbacks earlier in the season. And we all know what happened to him…

Questions Raised

So there are a lot of questions still left to be answered regarding 86-Eighty Six after season one.

Is Shin is officially dead?

Is Shin a shepherd now, too, just like his brother was?

Did the rest of the squadron die along with Shin?

Or did Lena find a way to come and save them? Remember, she visited the base on October 13th in the final episode. The battle with Shin and the squadron during the episode took place on October 31st. She also saw the new juggernauts that were at the base.

All of these can be answered in season two. Fortunately, it seems like A-1 Pictures has a gem with 86-Eighty Six. So let’s hope they role with the series for years to come.

When and Where to Watch Season 2

86-Eighty Six Season 2 will air on Crunchyroll this October. It aired on Saturdays during the first season. So, unless something changes, the series will probably keep the same air time during the fall.

All images via Crunchyroll

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